A bombastic and bamboozling offer from Rumpus Theatre

Cast of The Triumph of Man. Photos by Laura Franklin.

Venue: Rumpus Theatre, Bowden
Directed by Mary Angely
Written by James Watson
Length: 2 hours + intermission

2/5 stars

The Triumph of Man is a funny play — sort of like a rollercoaster that was going extremely slow and incredibly fast at the same time.

Based on real-life events (the kidnapping of two South Korean filmmamkers who were forced to make propaganda films for Kim Jong-il), the fictional dictator of an authoritarian regime abducts two foreign actors and forces them to produce a farcical, nationalistic play, penned by himself no less. The actors, risking their lives, use the opportunity to…

Illustration by Issi Moore.

Periods. There are plenty of different ways to describe them, but put simply, they refer to the vaginal bleeding that women experience as a part of their monthly cycle, for the majority of their lives.

Yet, menstruation is still considered to be a taboo in society, which seems absurd considering that in most cases women have no control of their menstrual cycles. Seriously, no control.

In some cases, this can result in some pretty awkward and embarrassing moments, and for me personally these range from two of my school teachers drying my uniform in a bathroom to being at a…

Words by Stasi Kapetanos and Konstantinos Zekyrias

By now most of us have surely heard about the Taliban’s recapture of Afghanistan the second foreign troops were pulled out. Going back to the previous time foreign troops were marched into the country in 1979, we can see many parallels with today.

The Soviet Union deployed their army into Afghanistan that very year to topple a former ally and fellow communist government they deemed to be unfavourable to their interests. Afghanistan was then bogged down in a state of constant war against a civilian population who did not want the foreign invaders…

After the left coalition’s landslide election result last week, many wondered how soon the Progress-Connect alliance would start using its AUU Board majority to make life difficult for them.

The answer is, apparently: not very long.

According to the agenda for tonight’s Board meeting, obtained by On Dit, the Board will move two contentious motions regarding the AUU rules.

The first relates to the SRC President’s salary:

Section 7. Suspension of Honorarium and Other Benefits

The board may suspend any Honorarium and/or Other Benefits of the student elected representatives. …

The founder of the UofA Student Veterans’ Association reflects on what the historic withdrawal means for him

Author pictured.

I would like to begin this article as all good opinion pieces do, by offering a disclaimer. I haven’t studied politics, history, journalism, or even as your high school friend on Facebook would say, am an “expert” on the subject.

However, prior to becoming students at the University of Adelaide, myself and my brother-in-law, Taylor, spent significant time living and working in Afghanistan, first being deployed together with the 7th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment, and then a few years later working together in private security at the Australian Embassy in Kabul.

During our time in Afghanistan, we developed…

The Socialist Alternative candidate trounced two-time President Oscar Ong to claim the top job

2022 SRC President Ana Obradovic.

Adelaide University’s left coalition has made stunning gains in the 2021 student elections, claiming 20 out of 23 Student Representative Council (SRC) seats, and winning all office-bearer positions.

The sweeping win comes after nearly two years of SRC rule by the Progress-Connect alliance. The SRC has, in this time, stepped back from its usual political activism role, in line with Progress’ “apolitical” rhetoric.

The left also secured 3 of the 5 available Adelaide University Union (AUU) Board Director seats, leaving them in a tight 4–5 minority.

The results were announced yesterday from 5pm and live-tweeted by On Dit.

The win…

Last year I unfortunately predicted US President Donald Trump’s re-election, fortunately I was wrong but now I have decided to risk disgracing myself again by trying to predict the results of our uni’s student elections. Like last time I will rely entirely on word of mouth, other people’s opinions that have been shared with me and my own vibes. No real math and data crunching is being done here, only heuristic guessing. Maybe in future student election analysts will be wiser but for now I’ll just roll straight into it.

Grassroots: Springing out of the relatively new Greens Club on…

NOTE: This content was scheduled for Issue 6 of the On Dit print edition, which we aimed to publish before the election cycle. We apologise for the delay, and hope that it informs the decision of those students who have yet to vote.

Editorial: Stand for something or fall for anything

Words by Stasi Kapetanos

Everyone’s favourite time of the year has finally arrived, and by this, of course, I mean Student Elections!

While a number of student elections take place throughout this time of the year, the most important ones which we all sorta know about because of the colorfully-dressed campaigners everywhere are the elections to the…

Our International Student Reporter on why international students should vote in this week’s student elections

Credit: iStock.

The rhetoric of international students as cash cows or “main contributors to the financial sustainability of Australian higher education sector” has been regurgitated by many politicians and bigwigs in universities’ management teams.

The media also takes a whiff out of the sizeable revenue that international students bring into the country, amounting to billions of dollars of tuition and other fees (quadruple that of domestic students’) and all paid upfront.

The incessant discussion on the economics of international student education is nauseating, as it equates the role of these students to that of neoliberal consumers of a global higher education market…

Every few years it seems someone cannot help themselves from stealing a student politics faction’s banners — and this year is one of them! Trying to understand the motives of these banner bandits is not very hard. Below are five different things people may potentially steal a stupol banner for.

  1. To wear them as capes!

Why buy a superhero costume from some store when you could be a Unite batman or Connect Thor for free?

2. Perhaps use them as a blanket?

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