She Dead.

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2 min readSep 9, 2022

Words by Habibah Jaghoori

On Dit announces that Queen Elizabeth II has died at 96 years old.

On this day On Dit pays its respects to all the victims from the violence of the British colonial powers.

From right here, on stolen land, on a land where sovereignty has never been ceded, On Dit extends its love and solidarity to the Indigenous and First Nations people of Australia, who to this day resist the colony. We send our love and solidarity to the entire continent of Africa, who is owed trillions in reparations, to Palestine, our dear Palestine for whom there is no ceasefire, to the South Americas, which continue to work hard for their self-determination, to Iraq with your unwavering spirit of courageousness and beyond, to every victim of the colonial bloodlust.

On Dit, on this day, is thinking of you.

On Dit is thinking of Britain’s poor, those who are homeless, those who can’t access healthcare, those who must choose between food or rent. We extend our sympathy to you and apologise for your struggles that could have easily been solved by the Queen’s $500 million worth of jewellery in her personal assets alone.

The Queen’s Crown. Photo from Wikipedia.

On Dit sends its reverence to all the lands, nature and environments that have been plundered, destroyed and desecrated by the colonial British invasions.

The world is changing and this humble student newspaper is honoured to have a humble voice at this time.

Infographic from MintPress News



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