Words by Jialun Qi

Nobody asked for Barnaby Joyce to become Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister — or did they?

Faced with the umpteenth preventable outbreak of COVID from breaches in hotel quarantine, the Coalition government is quick to react with its tried and tested management strategy: the emergency cabinet reshuffle.

And away we go! Another spin on the carousel of old white dudes, deciding amongst themselves who gets to ride next on the unicorn sled, and — oh look, it’s Barnacles Joyce, back from the dead like an extra in the Zack Snyder cut of a Zack Snyder movie. Barnacles gets another shot to flaunt his flaccidity and his entrenched corporate interests — good for him!

With the federal…

Reporting by Ngoc Lan Tran

South Australia has followed NSW in approving the return of international students in mass numbers.

UofA Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Jaqueline Lo announced the approval of the International Student Arrival Plan (ISAP) last Friday, 18 June. Details around student eligibility, quarantine requirements, and costs have not yet been finalised. Upon return, students are required to complete a two-week quarantine at a proposed Parafield Airport hub.

Professor Lo’s full statement is available here.

Previous attempts to greenlight the program were deferred in November 2020 and February 2021 as new cases emerged in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

According to an October…

Words and illustration by Chanel Trezise

Content warning: misogyny, domestic violence, suicide

“…we refer to this as the red pill; when you suddenly realise that society doesn’t work the way you thought it worked.”

Over the phone, Robert Brockway, the president of the Men’s Rights Association Inc and a researcher at A Voice for Men, described to me in detail the way Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) believe gynocentric biases systematically oppress men.

The Men’s Right’s Movement is proudly Anti-Feminist through its belief that modern feminism has viciously corrupted society; it is because of this opinion that MRAs are often labelled misogynistic. …

Words by ‘Emily Davidson’

‘All I can think about is the things we should have done’

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual assault, femicide

It’s been almost over a month since the March for Justice, an event that Abbey Kendall, director of the Working Women’s Centre described as a ‘reckoning’. But I have to ask: What changes have been made since the march? And I have to answer — nothing.

Since February, story after story has come out. Brittany, Kate, and all these names that I’ll have to carry with me for the rest of my days. But as story after story comes out, I have to admit to myself that I am so sick of stories. …

Reporting by Ivan Jankovic, Grace Atta, and Lakeisha Watkins

Last week’s AUU Board meeting also revealed that the term ‘union’ will be retired in the next rebranding project

The chief body in charge of student clubs will consider a reform to bolster democratic governance and transparency, but is unlikely to have the numbers to pass.

Student union Board Director, Billy Zimmermann (Unite/Labor Right), attacked the Progress and Liberal-dominated Board on last Wednesday night’s meeting for not tabling his proposal for discussion.

President Angela Qin (Progress) said the matter would be referred to the Clubs Committee itself before going to Board.

The Clubs Committee has the power to register new clubs, approve their grants, and arbitrate on grievances. Zimmermann’s proposals would have ramifications for years to come.

They include…

Words by Grace Atta

‘Only applicants born in Australia will be considered’ for the University of Adelaide’s Bundey Prize in English Verse

Although I am absolutely under no illusion that racism has vanished from 21st-century society, I must admit that each time I am reminded of its ubiquity that I am nonetheless stunned and re-enraged. How are we still here?

I was faced with this question once again, when learning of the University of Adelaide’s Bundey Prize for English Verse. The Bundey Prize is a poetry competition which has been held annually by the university since 1912, when it was established in an endowment by Ellen Milne Bundey. It remains the only poetry competition at the university open exclusively to students, but…

Words by Lakeisha Watkins

Allianz has been charging a >$10 administration fee to international students since late last year

Better Medical, the new operator of the university health practice, has stated that no changes will be made to the current bulk-billing arrangement with domestic students.

An email sent to UofA students two weeks ago revealed that Adelaide University will sell all four of the UniCare practices to Better Medical, a specialist general practice operator.

‘Under this agreement, the business and assets of the University Health practice, the Unihealth Highbury practice, the Unihealth Playford GP Super Clinic (excluding its land and buildings), and Minlaton Medical Centre will be sold to Better Medical.’

Better Medical was founded in 2015 and currently…

Words by Lazaras Panayiotou

We are at a pivotal moment for student consultation. Following Faculty Board elections, we will see the imminent return of the Student Engagement Committee. For context, the governance of The University of Adelaide stems from a twelve-member University Council. This Council has an elected postgraduate student representative, Mr Dan Osei Mensah Bonsu, and an elected undergraduate student representative, Ms Leah Schamschurin. Academic and general staff also enjoy one representative each in the Council, and this arrangement is the same across Faculty Boards for both students and staff.

Unfortunately, by the end of 2018, we lost our…

Words by Ivan Jankovic

Chief Operating Officer Bruce Lines admitted the stunt was in ‘the worst possible taste’

Early last Friday morning, staff at the University of Adelaide received some welcome but unexpected news: ‘As an Adelaide University employee, you are now eligible to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at Adelaide Unicares (sic), regardless of your age group.

‘There’s only a limited number of vaccines available at this time, and it will be administered on a first-come first-serve basis. DO NOT miss this opportunity to help build herd immunity at the University!’

The email, signed by ‘The Adelaide Unicares COVID-19 VaccinationsTeam’ (sic) was sent to all staff yesterday morning from the conspicuous address ‘noreply@corp-update.com’.


Earlier this year, the On Dit team interviewed student activist, controversial firebrand, and former University of Queensland Senator Drew Pavlou. In part two of the interview Drew discussed: his comradery with controversial firebrand Member of Parliament Bob Katter; his thoughts about the state of Left-wing politics today; navigating alliances/cooperation across the political spectrum; and the importance of protest and student activism.

How did a young radical university student like you find such a strong alliance with rural conservative Bob Katter of all people?

This is the thing that’s very underrated about Katter, he’s very radical…

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