By Nuer Deng

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Colwyn, Filip and Ancika

This week, I went to see Woah! Alyssa, a two man (Colwyn Buckland and Filip Lescaut) and one-woman (Ancika Walker Mesker) sketch show set on a small intimate stage at Raj House. It is comprised of a few different sketches, each with its own set of characters but with a bigger overarching storyline. The storyline flashes between four decades, ranging from Barbara Sr (Mesker) in the 60’s and Kroftner (Lescaut) from 2022. The play utilises minimal use of props but jams it up a notch with a few songs, my favourite being the egg rap filled with comical sexual innuendo.

I will not go into the nitty-gritty details in case I might spoil it for anyone, but I will say that I found the whole concept clever and somewhat sweet, albeit some of the jokes seemed to have flown over my head (most of the punchlines seemed to have had been aimed at an older audience).

Although I did not laugh as much as I‘d hope I would, I found the underlining message of acceptance very endearing. The trio did a good job highlighting this message through a range of varying characters. I was pleased with the way in which they avoided the patronisation of each character, as is often done when artists attempt to portray minorities. In addition, have you ever wondered how “booty call” became a thing? You might get to find out, courtesy of Clarisa (Lescaut).

Overall, this a good play to go and see with older family members, they’ll get a laugh and you get to passive aggressively tell them to ditch that out dated thing called intolerance. Woah! Alyssa is on every night this week at Raj Hose until Sunday, 4th of March.

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