Who would win in a fight? Student Elections Edition

Words by “Tim Bergling”

Which side are you on?

SRC President — Ana “Maverick” Obradovic vs Oscar “Uni Simp” Ong

The most hotly contested position — also, coincidentally, the position that has no real power (please see the 2020 AUU threatening to cut the SRC’s funding if they didn’t vote out their incumbent President).

AUU Board — Felix “Fucks” Eldridge vs Georgia “Would the real WOCO please stand up?” Honan

Ah, the real faceless guys/gals/non-binary pals. This is where genuine power in student politics comes from. With t̸h̸e̸ ̸y̸o̸u̸n̸g̸ ̸L̸i̸b̸e̸r̸a̸l̸s̸ Connect catching on slightly before the dirty lefties, they were able to secure a fat majority with a Progress partnership and have held it for the last two years. Overseeing the unconstitutional removal of several elected officials, the AUU Board has been on a trajectory down for some time. A united left will seek to undo some of this damage this year, but will likely fall short, requiring another year to secure a majority, owing to the 2-year terms for directors.

General Councillor — Random Labor Right stooge vs Random Progress stooge

You knew this was coming. We see it every year. Progressive lefties sucked up into the “Labor Club”, unaware it’s full of SDA Christian Conservatives, convinced to run for something unwinnable, just to feed some more first-year votes into the ticket. Often a bit socially lacking, and frankly a bit weird. Well-meaning, but naïve.



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