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Kanye West and Jay-Z once worked together to produce a collaborative studio album that went on to become one of the best selling records of all time.

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Earlier this semester, you casted your vote for a new set of incoming AUU Board directors for 2018–19. To recap, there were five positions up for grabs contested by a dozen odd students.

The five highly coveted positions went to the tickets that gained the largest voting share in the election. Activate and Progress both picked up two positions each and thus, make up the two main forces behind the student union board.

AUU Board reps for 2018–19
AUU Board reps for 2017–2018

Oscar Ong and Jeffery Yang will join Brodie Scott and Jennifer Li to form the Progress bloc (4). Patrick Stewart and Tamsin Anspach will join Iacovos Digenis and Jack Crawford to vote with the Broad Left (4). Crawford is the first elected member of Socialist Alternative to be a director of the student union’s corporate body.

While both blocs have dominant numbers, neither have enough to secure a majority which is 5+1.

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Olivia Savvas, a member of Student Unity, has voted with the broad left in the past, however, things looks set to change given the working coalition of Unite & Progress in the most recent student election.

Hugh Sutton is a member of the Young Liberals and will represent young, conservative voices on your student union board.

Savvas and Sutton are the two ‘king pin’ votes who are not exclusively aligned. A deal must be sought with these directors to reach a majority.

These 10 individuals will vote in a new President (who will receive an honorarium of $29,000 AUD) and Executive (non-remunerated, volunteer positions) for 2018.

The AUU Board positions and committee chair positions that will be determined are:

AUU President (1)
AUU Vice President (1)

Chair of Clubs (1)
Chair of Student Media (1)
Members of the Executive (3)

While the tickets are clear, there is no clear candidate who has put their name forward. However, On Dit is willing to speculate on how the new board will vote on certain motions next year (based on actions this year, election promises, and personal interactions with members).

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On Dit has it on good authority that incumbent Brodie Scott is unlikely to be contesting the AUU presidency for a second term. Because of this, Scott is able to exercise his immediate past president’s vote in the case of a tie breaker. This is compatible with the AUU Constitution’s election rules and confirmed by General Manager, Gary Sutherland. The tie breaker vote will be applicable in the election of a new AUU President and executive members or committee chair elections.

And that’s all On Dit is willing to dish out ahead of today’s big vote! For the uninitiated, think of the two main voting factions as Kanye + Jay-Z. The other non-aligned members are the featured artists + guest producers; while they may not receive direct royalties from sales, they will have made significant contributions towards the processes nonetheless.

The vote will take place at 5:30 pm this afternoon in the Board Room on level 4 of Union House. In the meanwhile you can partake in this fun quiz.

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