UofA Vice-Chancellor to take no reduction in $1million salary amidst ICAC investigation

Words by Nick Birchall

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Clarification: The UofA executive team had previously taken a 20% pay-cut in a bid to assist with the University’s financial support package for students.

Original story continues below.

It has been revealed that embattled Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen will continue to take a full salary while on special indefinite leave amidst an ICAC investigation into allegations of improper conduct.

Revealed by the Times Higher Education, Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen was paid $1,052,500 in 2018, almost twice that of the Australian Prime Minister who earned $538,460 in the same year.

During a forum last Friday (8/5) between university senior management and student representatives, a question was posed about whether the Vice-Chancellor was continuing to be paid over the course of his leave. A university spokesperson admitted that due the University of Adelaide Act 1971, the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration could not be interfered with without his express consent, and that as of the moment, no indication on the part of the Vice-Chancellor had been made expressing such desire.

S 8 (4) of the University of Adelaide Act 1971 states that:

“No reduction in the salary, and no alteration of the conditions of appointment, of a Vice-Chancellor may be made during his or her term of office unless the Vice-Chancellor consents to it.”

You can view the act in its entirety here.

This comes after the University of Adelaide announced that they are forecasting a $100million budget shortfall.

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