UofA Election 2019/20 — The Factions


Associated with: Student Unity, Adelaide University Labor Club

Political Leaning: Center Left

Leader: Ali Amin

2018 Primary Vote: 280–310

2019 Primary Vote: 380–430


Associated with: National Labor Students

Political Leaning: Left

Leader: Sarah Tynan / Tamsin Anspach

2018 Primary Vote: 300–550

2019 Primary Vote: 290–310

Connect (Previously Swipe Right)

Associated with: Australian Liberal Students’ Federation, Adelaide University Liberal Club

Political Leaning: Right

Leader: Angus Heaton / Kian Raffie

2018 Primary Vote: 200

2019 Primary Vote: 270

Climate Action (Previously Left Action)

Associated with: Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alternative Adelaide University

Political Leaning: Far Left

Leader: Tom Gilchrist

2018 Primary Vote: 160–200

2019 Primary Vote: 220–250


Associated with; Various multicultural AUU clubs, religious groups, ‘apolitical students’

Political Leaning: Center Right (claims to be apolitical)

Leader: Oscar Ong

2018 Primary Vote: 560–600

2019 Primary Vote: 760–780

International Voice

Associated with: Adelaide University Chinese Students Association

Political Leaning: Left

Leader: Bangao Qin

2018 Primary Vote: 510–580

2019 Primary Vote: 290–300



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