University Vice-Chancellor offers his resignation.

Warren Bebbington’s tenure as the 20th Vice-Chancellor was from 2012 until the end of 2017, however he will retire a year earlier than expected.

Warren Bebbington has made notice of his intention to resign from his position to the the University Council. The Vice-Chancellor’s resignation comes a year earlier than expected and Bebbington, aged 64, will retire shortly after his 65th birthday.

In an email sent out to staff members this afternoon, Bebbington outlined his key reason for retiring before his term ends is related to family circumstances which “draws him away from Adelaide”

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“ There is much I will miss, for I have found my years here profoundly satisfying. Indeed I hold a contract running to the end of 2017 which in many ways I would have enjoyed completing. But there are other factors including family circumstances which draw me away from Adelaide now, and I have decided to put those first.” — Warren Bebbington on his time as VC.

It is noted that he will be taking accrued long service leave prior to the formal date of departure on April 30. Bebbington’s final day of service in his capacity as Vice Chancellor will be on 3 March, at the opening of the new Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building in the west end of North Terrace.

During his tenure, Bebbington oversaw the development of several key projects, including the new medical school which caused a ruckus among the stakeholders.

Other ~ popular~ projects in which Bebs was involved included the approval in restructuring of the School of Humanities and the Elder Conservatorium, Cuts to Indigenous music program CASM, selling off Radio Adelaide’s broadcasting license, the introduction of the Male Champions for Change, invited former Prime Minister Tony Abbott to speak at the John Downer Oration (which resulted in a large scale protest from students) supporting the then-minister for education, Christopher Pyne’s reforms for deregulating university fees while taking on a nice salary increase and calling on students to partake in “Champagne breakfasts” instead of pub crawls.

Yeah, look, some of those projects weren’t *exactly* popular with the student body and some may even go as far to say he wasn’t a “Vice-chancellor for the students”. There is floating evidence to prove otherwise, and On Dit have rounded up a few memorable moments from his time in the top job. Here is a video of the VC partaking in a viral, internet challenge to prove that he isn’t the corporate, heartless capitalist thug that some may accuse him of being.

Warren Bebbington doing the ALS Ice Challenge.
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Bebbs running in the VC cup with Guide Dogs SA/NT.

^^Bebbs getting pie’d in the face for charity.

On Dit put a call out to some students to see how they are coping with this news.

SRC President, Mark Pace @adelaidesrc :

I’d like to thank the Vice-Chancellor for his service to the university community. While the Vice-Chancellor and the Student Representative Council may have had their differences in the past, he was always open to student perspective. I certainly hope the next Vice-Chancellor will continue and build on this tradition and student voice continues to be heard louder than ever before. The SRC wishes him and his family all the best in their future endeavours.

AUU President, Brodie Scott @BrodieScott95 :

“ Warren Bebbington was appointed as the 20th vice-chancellor of this university in 2012 and the past four years of his leadership can only be described as ambitious and consequential. Whether it be developing a Campus Master Plan which will lead to better resources for students, assisting in the introduction of the beautiful Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building or stepping in to direct the choir of the Elder Conservatorium of Music in presenting Carols on Campus in 2015, Bebbington’s hands-on approach to university management has paved the way for the University of Adelaide to continue to flourish in 2017 and beyond.”

On Dit reporter / economics student, Justin McArthur @threewordslogan :

It is with great sorrow that I pen this eulogy. The esteemed Vice Chancellor gave us so much. He gifted us the Beacon Plan the new Health and Medical Sciences Building, and the many and varied joys of Small Group Discovery. Most recently, his attempt to merge the Faculties ended disastrously when together they formed Voltron and left a trail of destruction throughout the CBD. Professor Bebbington will be remembered for all this. But he will be most fondly remembered for imploring us to Seek Light, and demonstrating how light is made by squeezing every penny with enough force to create a supernova. Farewell, Bebs. We’ll always have PSR

Law/Business student, James Fouyaxis:

I would like to ask Warren Bebbington why his salary increases every year yet our printing credit is reduced.”

The University Council has appointed an interim VC in Professor Mike Brooks until 1 May when a new Vice Chancellor will be elected.

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