University of Life graduate struggling to pay off their HECS debt

Words by Tom Haskell

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Thousands of university graduates are expected to be affected by the Liberal Government’s planned changes to the education sector. Under the changes, graduates will need to begin making repayments once their income reaches $42,000. It used to be $51,957. These changes are expected to hit young people very hard — a group already facing a less than ideal job market.

Among the graduates is Hunter Stokes who recently graduated from the University of Life with a Bachelor of Life Lessons.

“Yeah fuckin shits fucked..” Mr. Stokes remarked

“I didn’t expect this shit when I completed my bridging course at the School of Hard Knocks.”

Among the other changes to be made to the sector include cuts to funding earmarked for 2018 and 2019 as efficiency dividends.

“Since they’ve been cutting all this funding it’s made my degree even more pointless”

“Still though, could be worse. Could have done an Arts Degree.”

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