University of Adelaide goes online

Words by Nicholas Birchall

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UofA goes online.

After much scrutiny and backlash over the last few days, the University of Adelaide announced through an email from the Vice Chancellor, that come Monday the 23rd of March, lectures will be conducted entirely online and any lectures that are not currently available online will be transitioned as such.

The University also announced that as of the 30th of March, all tutorial classes will be made available online for students, in conjunction with continuing to offer face-to-face tutorials. The Vice Chancellor reiterated that students will be able to choose whether they attend tutorials in person or digitally.

It was also noted that compulsory attendance was being abolished, with the assessment percentage being redistributed.

From Monday 23rd of March, face-to-face practical classes would cease, aiming to resume post-mid-semester break.

Graduation ceremonies have been postponed indefinitely.

The university has also committed assisting casual academic staff with salary assurances under certain circumstances.

This comes after the Adelaide University Union announced yesterday that they would be ceasing Union-run events until further notice. They also advised that clubs cease holding face-to-face events until advised to do so.

The University has announced that they will continue to update students.

On Dit will continue to bring you up to date information as it becomes available.

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