They Speak: Federal Election Beats

Words by Imogen Hindson

The race has begun, and who doesn’t need a solid playlist to get themselves through the upcoming election? Whether you vote Greens, Labor or Liberal, there’s a soundtrack for you.

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Please, Mr. DJ, turn it up for our lord and saviour, Elton John. Photo: AAP

Eat Your (Greens)

  1. Come Home (Cardinal Pell) — Tim Minchin

With all of Australia watching, earlier this year Cardinal George Pell was sentenced to six years jail time after sexually assaulting two choirboys in 1996. Now, Greens voters and (hopefully) people of all political perspectives can cheer with Tim Minchin over the arrest of Australia’s highest ranking paedophile in the Catholic church.

2. Beds Are Burning — Midnight Oil

Did someone mention Peter Garrett? Australia sure was shocked when he defected to the ALP. In future, we advise submitting to big beats rather than big business.

3. Scott Green — Dune Rats

This one’s pretty obvious, I don’t think I need to explain.

Union Ballads (Labor)

  1. Solidarity Forever — Pete Seeger

I’m expecting young Labor hacks on tables, yard of ale in hand, screeching this song at the top of your lungs on May 18th. Chug a beer and the Union will make you strong.

2. Do You Hear The People Sing — Aaron Tveit, Eddie Redmayne

Are you feeling a bit gloomy pre-election? Been a while since your last protest? Do you need to find your Unionist roots? This dramatic scene from Les Miserables will surely do the trick.

3. There is Power in a Union — Billy Bragg

Picture this: It’s 5am, Sunday morning on May 19th. You invite the punters back for kickons post-election, and you’re finding the best song to play over the aux. What else would do the job if not for Billy Bragg?

ScoMo’s Mixtape (Liberal)

  1. Tiny Dancer — Elton John

It’s Saturday night barbeque time, MKR has just wrapped up for the evening, and Manu has got mum in the mood. She cracks open the Maggie Beer quince paste and a 2012 Penfolds Shiraz. All is right in the world. Liberals, come slow dance with me.

2. Run the World (Girls) — Beyonce

Since Gladys Berejiklian was elected as the first female Premier of NSW in March, the Liberals have now erased all internalised misogyny within the party. Never mind the whole Julie Bishop thing. Bonus points if you run a fashion label that pays women in developing countries 64c per hour.

3. Rasputin — Boney M.

There’s one thing that ScoMo dislikes more than Russian anti-imperialists that inevitably led to a Communist revolution, and that’s a song without a sick beat. I bet he would put up with the Rasputin thing for a good banger, though.

Billy’s Running Tracks:

  1. Africa — Toto

As Bill bends over to tie his shoelaces, Africa by Toto comes on over his airpods. As he looks out of his inner-city Melbourne home window (don’t forget — he’s for the people), he sees the sun rising. He runs a half marathon that morning.

2. Danger Zone — Kenny Loggins

Billy’s lost his breath, and there’s only one thing which will help him tap into his second wind: Kenny Loggins. Did you wake up with a sense of prowess? Don’t run to Britney Spears — Work B**ch, run to Kenny Loggins.

3. Jump (For My Love) — The Pointer Sisters

Maybe Bill Shorten would listen to this whilst running, maybe I wanted to imagine Billy dancing like Hugh Grant in Love Actually. We’ll never really know.

If you enjoyed some of these tracks, there’s a playlist available below for your easy listening. Pick up Edition 4: Federal Election around campus soon to read about all things Auspol.

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