The Adelaide University Union Board refuses to back the South Australian team

words by Jenny Nguyen

The Adelaide University Union Board (AUU Board) has once again voted against the interest of the student body majority, by not backing a motion to officially endorse the Adelaide Football Club ahead of the 2017 AFL grand final.

This makes the Adelaide University Union the only South Australian organisation in Adelaide — and one of the few state wide — to refrain from taking an active position.

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A prominent South Australian business shows support for a South Australian team

The motion being tabled reads:

“That the Adelaide University Union endorse the only South Australian team competing for the flag in the upcoming AFL grand final”

The student body argued in favour of the motion bringing up the fact that 99% of student body are in favour of backing a South Australian team. This argument wasn’t convincing for the Student Union President, however, who stated that the union exists to provide services and shouldn’t get involved in heated political debates as part of the “student experience”.

“1% is a significant proportion to disenfranchise. We don’t want to disenfranchise the 1% of those who are in the Tiger Army”

The President maintained that “the student experience is for everybody” and that the AUU Board should be inclusive of both Tiger and Crows fans. This response drew much criticism from the student body with another member arguing that “our role in providing services doesn’t mean we can’t take a stance to be on the winning side of history.”

The Board inevitably threatened to bring security in to escort out board observers for their disruptive boo’ing. Nevertheless, this did not come to fruition as Crows fans are notorious for leaving midway through the final quarter if they are losing.

N.b. this is purely satirical. This is #FAKENEWS
#WeFlyAsOne #GoCrows

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