Stupol Hack from Flinders University is actually a “concerned student” at the University of Adelaide

words by the secret subeditor*

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Flinders University stupol hack, Gordon O’Really, of Marion, has been spotted on campus this morning to watch the events of this week’s student elections unfold as a ‘concerned student’.

“Yeah, nah, look I’m just here as a concerned student looking to engage with my peers on the issues that really matter to them…like the UniBar or some shit”.

When asked why he is so ‘concerned’ about the events that transpire at UofA, O’Really cited the lack of anything actually happening at Flinders as the reason for his concern.

“Nothing ever happens at FUSA elections anyway, at least let me enjoy the shitshow that is Adelaide Uni elections.”

And as O’Really revealed, actually being a student from another university during election week does have its perks.

“I guess the best part is that when some gimp approaches me with their how-to-vote cards, I can actually say I don’t go to this university and I’m being 100% fair dinkum about it”.

“Why you interrogating me about this anyway? Gabby Tablepen from NUS is here too…”

More to come…


*actually Tom Haskell

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