Review: San Cisco Disco in Adelaide

by Andy Nguyen.

📍: The Gov

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Lead singer, Jordie Davieson, rocking out

Pop beats, catchy hooks and compulsory crowd interaction all of which was thoroughly enjoyed by the diverse audience. Teenagers lining up for a spot up the front, parent chauffeurs loitering at the back of the venue, both bopping their heads along to Thelma Plum and her buttery warm, raspy vocals. She tickled ears and hearts with material she had been recently working on and got the crowd going for the headline act.

I had heard of San Cisco pre-Vodafone ad when they had just released their humble Awkward EP. And because this was my first time seeing them, I was excited to see the classics such as a soulful, moving rendition of Wild Things, or an energetic, banger style of Rocket Ship.

Surprisingly — they did neither. They didn’t even play Awkward.

It’s hard to think about San Cisco as music industry staples because it feels like it was only just yesterday that they themselves were teenagers. But they are now on tour for their 3rd album — The Water. And over this time, they’ve matured greatly — just comparing Jordie’s baby face in the Awkward music video to images of him now is indicative of how much they’ve grown up.

With their fingertips constantly grasping at helm of cool and contemporary, the set list comprised of a good mix of their sophomore release Gracetown intertwining with tracks from The Water. Naturally the new singles, Hey Did I Do You Wrong? and SloMo, were well received while earlier tracks, such as Magic and Too Much Time Together, provided some carefree belters for the crowd to sing along to.

But where San Cisco truly shined was when they performed their lesser known tracks. Tracks like Snow and Wash It All Away were surprisingly catchy and got everyone moving and grooving. One particular highlight was the acoustic version of Waiting for the Weekend in which the entire crowd — parents and all — were swaying to the emotive, tear-worthy rendition.

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San Sisco Disco at The Gov!

If anything, this concert shows that San Cisco have cemented themselves as a staple indie band, and they will only continue to improve. They have an incredibly loyal fan-base, many of which are still very young meaning the band will have continued support for later years. I’m sure even the parent chauffeurs are bound to latch on and become fans themselves.

San Cisco are a band that exists beyond their catchy, infectious singles — they have an exhaustive repertoire of songs, some will no doubt become even more popular over time.

So yes, they no longer play Awkward at their concerts.

They don’t need to.

San Cisco’s third studio release, ‘The Water’, is out now on iTunes and in all good record stores.

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