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New South Wales duo, Hockey Dad, graced us with their presence Saturday night at The Gov - and it was complete mayhem. The duo consists of Zach Stephenson as the front man for the band on guitar and vocals, and classic surfer boy, Billy Fleming on drums.

The crowd was already amped up and roaring with excitement thanks to their two opening acts, Dear Seattle and Boat Show. Both these punk, Aussie bands seemed to fit nicely with Hockey Dad’s sound and performed well, however didn’t have the same magnetism as the two surfer boys that followed.

Hockey Dad started strong, brilliantly performing hit after hit while stirring the crowd up more and more with every beat. It was surprising that only two guys could produce such clean music by themselves - it’s clear that Stephenson and Fleming knew what they were doing. They vibed off each other in a way that only best friends can, showing off their 19 year friendship. They didn’t need lights or special effects, they simply used their instruments and that was more than enough. This was one of their biggest gigs in Adelaide and they didn’t waste any time, banging out hits and feeding off of the crowd’s madness.

For the encore the crowd received a surprise appearance from local Adelaide band, Horror My Friend, who joined on stage for a cover of Get Free by The Vines. If it wasn’t possible for the crowd could get more manic before, it sure was now. Horror My Friend ensured destruction. The lead singer was crowd surfing, instruments were flying and people were bashing into each other so heavily that it made the Falls stampede look like child’s play. Horror My Friend left Hockey Dad to clean up the mess and bang out one last hit. They closed with their classic song, Seaweed and it was beautiful. The crowd had simmered from the craziness earlier and it was a perfect end to a great show.

Hockey Dad did not disappoint at all. They had great stage presence and created a clean sound that put their recorded music to shame. If you haven’t already, get online and look these guys up — you won’t be disappointed.

Hockey Dad are wrapping up their Australian tour, with shows still to go in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Go check out tour dates and other information at www.hockeydadband.com.

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