Private school networks help local student politician to boost latest profile update

Words by Jennifer Nguyen

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Prospective SRC general councillor, Bill Briller, has today announced his candidacy for student elections through their social channels, at “prime time” no less.

“Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again”, the post begins coyly, “my name is Bill and I’m running to be your SRC GC”. Accompanying this press release, is a statesman-like photo of Bill against the backdrop of the campus’ sandstone building.

The latest profile picture update to a normally mute Facebook profile — mainly reserved for tutorial group correspondence and the annual birthday Minions gif from grandma — has garnered 200 likes/reacts and counting.

The popularity of the mundane update has been largely attributed to their private school networks most of whom only remain active on the website to promote their personal training/night club event/soy candle businesses to other “Old boys” and ”Old girls”.

One insightful commenter, Harriet Dow-Jones, of Toorak Gardens, was his formal date to the 2013 Blue & White formal.

“Wooooh! Go Bill! x”

Another proud supporter, Jack “Jacko” Wingard, of Erindale, only loosely knew of Bill through college footy. Despite this, the solidarity between the “old boys” network could not have been more apparent for “Jacko” generously offered Bill his full support.

“Proud of you, mate. Come see me for a free drink card at Fats after your election. Entry is $10”.

Bill is hoping that the likes/reacts can materialise into actual votes. The fact that most students at the Go8 university came through the ranks of Adelaide’s affluent eastern suburbs schools, means that Bill statistically advantaged.

However, if not, failed candidates can use this experience to boost their campaign for local government elections.

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