Email tirade attacks ‘Pretty Face’ poised to be the next President of the SA Young Liberals

Words by Tom Haskell

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The Email in question

On Dit has obtained an email written by a disgruntled member of the SA Young Liberals describing the expected future President as a ‘Show Pony’, a ‘Presidentess’, and a ‘pretty face’. In the email, the member who goes by the pseudonym of ‘The True Conservative’ has lashed out over the imminent election of a certain female to the position of President of the SA Young Liberals.

‘The True Conservative’ takes aim at the incumbent-to-be by inferring nepotism on their part as well as a lack of action on their behalf in the party. They say “ours is a party that rewards merit and hard work, not a SHOW PONY who has done little apart from Snapchatting and Instagramming for the cause”.

They go on to infer that the incumbent-to-be has secured her position due to their looks and the way they have used them to gain the favour of two male MPs.

“We should not allow a pretty face to be rewarded because she cosied herself up to one or two male MPs particularly.”

Interestingly, the ‘True Conservative’ states that ‘Stephan feels the same way’ as they do about this situation. One can only assume in this context that ‘Stephan’ means Stephan Knoll, the State Member for Schubert. As someone who was President of the Young Liberals in 2011, Knoll is still quite a familiar face around their parts. Here he is playing Table Tennis with them during O’Week.

Speculation has arisen that Jocelyn Sutcliffe will be elected as President at the upcoming AGM. Sutcliffe is the current Campaigns Director for the SA Young Liberals, as well as a former staffer for Cory Bernardi who defected from the Liberals to begin his Australian Conservatives party.

We will update this as we find out more details.

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