Presidential candidate banned over defamatory remarks

Words by Nicholas Birchall

Progress Presidential Candidate Oscar Zi Shao Ong has been banned from campaigning in the Annual Student Elections until Wednesday, over defamatory remarks he made about another student in his SRC presidential report to the AUU.

His report alleged negligence on the part of the other student, and has since been proven demonstrably false.

Pictured: Email from the Returning Officer to complainant

The Returning Officer investigated a complaint against Mr Ong over these remarks, finding that he had breached rules relating to conduct of campaigners and electoral candidates.

Mr Ong’s political party Progress were subsequently issued with a whole-ticket warning.

Despite his ban, Mr Ong has found innovative ways to continue campaigning.

In an effort to appeal to…actually we’re not sure in the slightest who he’s trying to appeal to, the below screenshot indicates that elections really can make someone do anything for votes.

Leaked screenshot of Ong’s newest campaign tactics

More to come as this bizarre week unfolds.

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