Petition to remove entire AUU Board succeeds; Board’s fate to be voted on by students

On the receipt by the EO [Executive Officer] of a petition expressly declaring no confidence in the Board, signed by at least 1% of Students, the EO must hold a referendum on the question.

Pictured: Excerpt from the petition delivered to the AUU Executive Officer.

The Student Elected Directors of the Board will cease to hold office upon the declaration of the EO that: at least 7% of Students cast valid votes; and a majority by at least 7% of those voting cast valid votes expressed no confidence in the Board.

If Student Elected Directors cease to hold office pursuant to clause 23.3 above, the EO must conduct an election to fill the vacant positions on the recalled Board within 20 academic days of the Student Elected Directors ceasing to hold office.

Pictured: The Facebook post denounced by Honan.



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