Peeping Tom Protected by Powerful People in the University Hierarchy!?

Words by a concerned student

‘Sadly enough, despite or possibly because of the trust placed in him by our university, this man’s bad behaviour is alleged to be ongoing.’

How do you know if this sick big brother is watching you?

Multiple anonymous sources have told On Dit that a staff member has been spying on students, contractors and other staff members via CCTV. The perpetrator is also alleged to have such low regard for getting caught that he openly bragged about his behaviour in disgusting detail. The worst offences alleged against the individual include details about how he pleasures himself over what students get up to, who went to the toilet where and when, as well as a particular penchant for talking about the personal details of women he sees through CCTV as he brags about masturbating about them! It’s sad to imagine a world where people can do this to students and just get away with it. One of our sources put their opinion of the man in question bluntly when they told us that they ‘…would not have him anywhere near my wife or my daughter…’ an obvious reference to the picture described above of a misogynist pig, not unlike some politicians, working for the university.

Sources claim his bad behaviour is still ongoing despite multiple continuous complaints and official reports from people about his behaviour to the relevant channels and people responsible over the course of many months with the earliest alleged official complaints having been filed almost two years ago. Anonymous sources suspect that this is due to his protection, not by the people that they reported him to, like some sort of middle management mates looking out for each other as one may expect, but rather due to indifference or even support for the perp further up the hierarchy. How close to the top this really goes is anyone’s guess.

Complaints about him mention that the workplace environment ‘feels like big brother’; that the individual in question is ‘not trustworthy’; and that they are ‘vindictive and malicious, will bury you if they can’. Sadly enough, despite or possibly because of the trust placed in him by our university, this man’s bad behaviour is alleged to be ongoing. Given all that’s happened last year and a bit, if these allegations are true, it’s hard to imagine this individual is alone in severe misconduct here.

As Vice-Chancellor Peter Hoj himself said to On Dit when he was asked about rebuilding the university’s trust with students ‘People don’t listen to what you say, they see what you do. We have a lot of work to do in this regard.’ This is the sage advice I would offer the university’s leadership, a proper independent investigation into CCTV monitoring, privacy, reporting procedures and hiring standards in the relevant fields of all University campuses when it comes to dealing with these allegations.

People can’t ‘he said she said’ their way out of confronting problems like these forever.

I’m not the only one calling for something serious to be done here. As we have all been told the University has recently accepted the need to ‘Streamline and update the University’s policy framework for sexual assault, sexual harassment and misconduct’, ‘Review the University’s Human Resources (HR) function and capabilities’ and ‘Establish an Integrity Unit — to which students and staff can report sexual assault, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour’, among other things. These recommendations from KPMG Australia and the University’s response to the ICAC report seem to be possible solutions to many of the problems outlined by our anonymous sources here and the article itself but given this new set of allegations are they really enough?

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