Paro Dit — Exams to return to Wayville Showground announces University!

Words by Georgia Penglis and Stasi Kapetanos

The University has just announced that all Semester One examinations are to be held in person and return to their customary Wayville Showground venue.

A University spokesperson interviewed by On Dit says the return to in-person examinations comes despite the complete lack of privacy concerns surrounding ProctorU and the University’s tremendous success in obtaining overwhelming popular student support for the program.

The spokesperson further notes that ‘the vibe of exams just aren’t the same in the comfort of the home. We wouldn’t want 2021 students to miss out on the vast concrete palace that is Wayville Showground: the exhilaration of confronting a random student mistakenly seated in your designated seat; hearing the sobs of your class-mates reverberate around the metallic walled echo-chamber; watching little droplets of sweat fall from your sticky, shaky hands and smudging your already illegible hand-writing…’

Needless to say, had this decision not gone ahead, the GREAT SUCCESS of the previous Vice-Chancellor’s Student Forum indicates to us that a second one about ProctorU would have likely carried the unanimous support for the program from Syrian Election levels to North Korean ones.

Photo from the last Vice-Chancellors Student Forum with outstanding student representatives



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