On Dit Twitter Once Again Goes Live For The Amusement Of 12 People

Maxim Buckley (we can’t find his birth certificate, his landline rings dead, all the letters we send are returned and even his alleged family won’t speak to us) reports.

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Graphic design by Maxim Buckley. Can you see it’s my passion?

Wow, what a week. That certainly was really long and draining. Thank god who won did. Thank god we don’t have to do this for another year.

Like the flu virus, On Dit twitter is back for its seasonal activation. Unlike the flu virus, the On Dit twitter going live only affects 12 people, 10 of whom were running in the most recent election and the other 2 being past editors for the student magazine.

During perhaps the most insular event of the year, Electi-On Dit has tirelessly attempted to bring the news from the election to the forefront, engaging the student population in an event that generally only results in participation from ~10% of the student body. With facebook pages that have laid dormant for the greater part of a year suddenly reactivating, garnering significant attention from the same 30 people who often are the ones in the photo (we’re looking at you StuPol Fashion Police) to say this event is exclusive would be an understatement. Unfortunately, like the event it tries to represent, our sister media outlet On Dit has once again failed, only finding an audience of around 20 (this is, however, an improvement on last year’s 19).

Tweets will go out one after the other, garnering as much attention as a man without hot chips walking along a seagull infested beach. Perhaps a StuPol daddy from UniSA will like a tweet, perhaps daddy Haskell will retweet with a witty comment attached, perhaps a candidate from this election will leave a comment, referencing some piece of information that is knowledge exclusive only to StuPol candidates and their campaigners.

Once again, we ran into Amy Smith. When prompted about the On Dit twitter, Miss Smith responded with “who even has twitter anyway?” a wholly reasonable response as Electi-On Dit also does not have a twitter.

We here at Electi-On Dit will be taking a stand. If something isn’t deemed to be engaging of the broader student population, it won’t exist. Not by our hand anyway. If we believe that something won’t be relevant to the entire student population, we just won’t bother. Because what is the point of trying to engage with students if they won’t engage back. We want a symbiotic relationship, not a commensal one. And so, with that, we must bid adieu, for this task is bigger than what we could ever possibly achieve. Thank you for your continued readership and engagement. If it wasn’t for your likes and comments, we simply wouldn’t exist. Big love and God bless xoxo

Ps. write an opinion piece about us in the Tiser yah cowards, I want another one to show my mum xoxo

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