On Dit called out for censorship and joining big tech in crushing the free speech of pro-Trump activists!

Image source: Hartford Courant

Social media users “Skinhead 4 Trump 1488” and “Joey Free-Speach” have both come out of their parents’ basements to criticise On Dit for violating their first amendment rights and crushing their God-given freedom of expression. Both users have been blocked from interacting with On Dit on social media platforms for expressing their political views. Due to their horrible mistreatment at the hands of the student publication, the duo plan to peacefully protest the magazine by violently storming into the On Dit Office.

“Skinhead 4 Trump 1488” in particular has cited that blocking him was evidence of the magazine’s failure to live up to the classical liberal virtues espoused by Voltaire and John Stuart Mill, namely the quote stating, “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The user’s hard right policy position which drew this censorship was his tweet “K*LL *LL W*M*N”. He stated that his reason for posting this was due to his political commitment in the preservation of the white race, which he argues is the strongest form of humanity possible; and whose propagation and continued existence into the future is, in his eyes, threatened unless all race traitors (especially women) are purged.

Fellow online activist user “Joey Free-Speach” has shared similar concerns over On Dit’s collectivist authoritarian turn after he too was censored by the magazine. He claims that this was in response to his sharing of a YouTube video titled, “All urban areas are inhabited by globalist paedophiles and should be nuked by the president!”, under a student article about why paperback books are better than hardcover. As a proud libertarian and fascist, the poster considers this move to be a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle, which according to 4chan lore states that your comments online are your own personal private property and an extension to your right to free speech. The logical endpoint of this reasoning being that anyone who dares press delete on your words of wisdom is to be duelled to the death in a gentlemanly fashion.

In the olden days before the internet all disputes we settled disputes with our fists.

In a most surprising twist, Australia’s Deputy and Acting Prime Minister as well as National S̶o̶c̶i̶a̶l̶i̶s̶t Party leader Michael “Both Sides” McCormack, have weighed in on the drama, reluctantly condemning the comments made by both Facebook users while still including a caveat that he will still defend their right to say it. Furthermore, the embattled politician cited how these unfortunate remarks were, “…similar to those left by radical internet leftists”. McCormack then recalled a traumatic incident in which he was bullied for not understanding the labour theory of value by a Marxist and another confronting encounter in which he was disrespectfully told to “Google Murray Bookchin” under a post about the Coalition government’s climate policy. If we must have political censorship, maybe we should apply it even-handedly to the radical left and far-right neo-Nazi conspiracy theorists.



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