‘Misheard by Tom and Danny’ dropped from Student Radio roster over ‘misogynistic’ remarks

Words by Nicholas Birchall

Last month, University of Adelaide students Tom Ralph and Danny Macaulay launched their pilot episode of Misheard by Tom and Danny. With support and equipment primarily supplied by the AUU-funded Student Radio, the duo broadcast live from Unibar on the afternoon of Friday the 14th at 4:20pm.

Although met with minor praise, there was also significant backlash as a result of several stories and jokes told during its airtime, with listeners describing them as “sexist”, “misogynistic”, and “completely inappropriate”.

These criticisms were primarily aimed at host Danny, who referenced stories of his experience with surgery, and how he has been “desperate to get a fucking seriously hot nurse, and [he] missed out on that twice.”

Danny continued:

“I want an absolute fitty [sic] down by my side every night. […] when I wanted somebody to come over to walk me on my side so I could take a piss, it wasn’t some fucking 8/10 that was holding my cock”.

This was followed by a description of a rating scale he had been introduced to while on exchange, which involved rating individuals based on how many bags needed to be worn by parties involved in order to have successful sexual intercourse.

These comments drew the ire of students and staff on campus, with many calling for Unibar to drop the podcast. Student Radio subsequently dumped the podcast from their roster, with one radio director resigning, allegedly over the incident.

Speaking with a member of University Council in the week leading up to the second episode (which was subsequently cancelled), they stated that they believed it was:

“in such poor taste that in the same week survivors are struggling due to the outcome of the ICAC investigation that the Tom Ralph and co. types are advertising their show which features the ranking of women based on attractiveness. This kind of objectification lends itself to a culture that breaches consent, and encourages rape culture.”

The SRC Women’s Officer labelled the comments as “Gross behavior”.

Speaking with a representative from Unibar, they indicated their intention to continue hosting Misheard, despite the controversy. They stated that they thought:

the content was completely inappropriate and awful and not reflective of the inclusive culture they want to foster at Unibar.”

Unibar states they have had “extensive conversations” with the duo, and have made them aware that further infringement will result in the discontinuation of their podcast being featured at Unibar.

They further stated that they are not in any way sponsoring Misheard, despite the Unibar logo featuring prominently on the Misheard branded t-shirts worn by Tom and Danny, as well as supplying equipment for future episodes.

Unibar sought to clarify that their intention is and has always been to showcase local University talent, and support students in their creative endeavours. They also stated that the $3 Schooners that accompanied their last podcast would not be continuing, and were part of the AUES BBQ, not affiliated with Misheard.

Misheard was contacted for comment, but failed to reply.

Episode 2 of Misheard is currently scheduled for Friday the 11th of September.

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