Merger called off as universities hit roadblock

Words by Ethan Penglase

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An email from Adelaide Uni Chancellor Kevin Scarce has today confirmed that merger talks between the Adelaide Uni and UniSA have come to end.

The email, sent to all staff and students at the University of Adelaide, says that the Councils of both universities met late yesterday to discuss an interim report on the merger. However, at the meeting it became apparent that each Council had “formed different views” and would not be able to reach an agreement.

It is not yet public knowledge what these differing views are.

A member of the SRC has told On Dit that the business case for the merger was not compelling.

“It would have cost millions to merge and the universities would’ve taken on debt to finance that which could otherwise be spent on infrastructure, etc,” said the SRC member.

“There were also soft issues – such as the leadership of the merged university and what it would be named – which were already roadblocks early on in the discussions.”

The SRC member claims the UniSA Council was concerned that the merger would be viewed as a takeover by Adelaide Uni.

More details to come.

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