Man upset by date of music countdown says lefties need to stop being such ‘snowflakes’ over Manus Island crisis

Words by Tom Haskell

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Local conservative, Eugene Brump, who has vowed never to listen to Triple J again following their decision to move the date of the Hottest 100 from Australia Day to the 27th of January, has lashed out at “leftist snowflakes” over their response to the refugee situation on Manus Island.

This comes following footage which was released last Thursday showing PNG police forcing the remaining asylum seekers out from the detention centre on Manus Island. The video also showed the men chanting “human rights help us, they want to kill us”. The footage was met with shock among the humanitarian community and users on Facebook. The UNHCR going so far as to call this a “damning indictment” of Australian refugee policy.

But Mr. Brump, who has since called Triple J a bunch of “leftist softcocks” and called on the Prime Minister to “sack the sponges”, has called on the left to reassess their political priorities:

“HAHAH bloody leftist snowflakes,,,,,if only u all cared about our homeless as much as these so-called ‘refugees’……typical leftist snowflakes need to start focusing on the real issues,,,,,wonder how much SOROS payed them all to protest!!!!! Only hav to look at their nice new phones in the video,,,,,gee woud be nice to have one of those,,,,,,,All have got there snouts in the trough me thinks!!!! CULTURAL MARXISM strikes again.,..,! [sic]”

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