Main and supporting bands withdraw from Marksenfest 2018 line up

Words by Jennifer Nguyen

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High profile national acts have withdrawn from a festival line up at St Mark’s College in North Adelaide. Two interstate acts (Alice Ivy and KLP) and two local acts (Venice Queens and Runaway Weekend) were all booked to headline the sold-out college event in October.

The annual “Oktoberfest-inspired” beer and cider festival took to Facebook to make the announcement this afternoon, citing “unforeseen circumstances” for the withdrawal of four musicians and bands from the event. The post has garnered 50 reacts — and counting — and attendees are upset.

The announcement comes after the College’s toxic social culture — which includes recounts of sex-related hazing and initiations — was uncovered by the mainstream media. Most recently, the Advertiser reported on the College’s provocative and racist social events where forced binge drinking was a common occurrence.

It is yet to be confirmed if these events were the catalyst for the bands’ cancellation. However, On Dit understands that Student Representative Council President Matt Boughey had been in contact with the bands/booking agents.

The organisers of Marksenfest committee are yet to announce a refund for tickets or a replacement line-up.

Posters for the event still remain on the University of Adelaide campus featuring the old line-up.

Salibu Stacey, Josh Phillips, Alana Bray, Elliot Johnson and The Brungas still remain on the festival line up.

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