Local student politician writes elaborate ‘thank you’ Social Media post on their last day in office.

words by Jenny Nguyen.

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30th November, is the national day of outgoing office bearers from the student office finishinhg up their roles as BNOCs (they wish) at their tertiary institution.

“Thank you for an incredible year” the post will start, before listing off the succinct summary of promises they have fulfilled, such as more barbecues and more student engagement.

Accompanying this post, is a PicCollage of their campaign profile pictures from the years gone by and candid handshakes with high-profile parliamentarians. Some tech-savvy StuPols will do a boomerang of them tearing up meeting papers.

“I’d like to personally thank people from my friends who encouraged me from day dot” says the student politician, tagging their factional friends in the tear-jerking post.

Perhaps it will mention the sweet ‘rorts’ they will miss from their time in office, such as cutting in line at one of the many ‘more’ student barbecues they successfully campaigned on.

Local Student Politician will also make a subtle captain’s call “inside joke” (#crushtheleft or #uptheunions) to spite either one of the two-major parties that they ideologically oppose.

The post will wrap up with a promise to “retire” from student politics all together to go back and finish off their fifth year of the 3 year B.A undergraduate course.

When asked if the Local Student Politician will joining their peers at the pub tonight to see off the year that was, they will reply that they will be busy updating their LinkedIn tonight and booking flights to NatCon in Victoria.

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