Hugh Sutton suspended from campaigning for 24 hours

Words by Tom Haskell

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The Returning Officer for student elections has suspended Swipe-Right’s candidate for AUU Board, Hugh Sutton, from campaigning for the next 24 hours.

On Dit understands that suspension stems from his conduct towards another candidate running in student media elections.

This is the second suspension to occur this week.


The other ticket involved, Vote 1 Fi, Nick, Prasanna, & Liberty for On Dit 2018 have sent On Dit a statement on the matter

‘We take the wellbeing of our candidates very seriously, and we were disappointed that our candidate was again unfairly targeted today while attempting to campaign.

Swipe Right’s Hugh Sutton made an unprovoked remark to our candidate, accusing her of slander. In return, she asked whether Sutton wanted the Returning Officer to become involved, to which Sutton replied sarcastically. The two candidates had not spoken previously.

The RO was immediately informed of the incident and resolved the matter. Sutton offered an apology to our candidate, which is appreciated by our campaign.

If this unprovoked treatment of our candidate persists, we will continue to pursue the matter through the appropriate channel: advising the RO. We hope that we can all enjoy a positive and peaceful final day of campaigning.’

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