Greg Fleet Review

📍: Rhino Room, Frome Street.
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One of the saddest parts of growing up is realising that you might not share your parents’ sense of humour anymore. It’s not anyone’s fault in particular — they find Paul Hogan funny, you find Eric Andre funny. In a similar vein, I can appreciate that Greg Fleet is a funny person, it’s just I didn’t find him all that funny.

Sitting down in the very intimate Rhino Room Beer Garden, I was excited to be so close to such an iconic Australian comedian. Some jokes hit the nail on the head with a Gen X style of edginess — you know, the type of edgy that spits in the face of late 80’s political correctness. Other jokes were incredibly dated such as one referencing Ben Cousins — I don’t remember the last time he was relevant in popular culture but each to their own I guess.

Unfortunately, the highlight of the night for me was the warmup (whose name escapes me). This might be because he was younger, or it could be that he was funnier. Again, it’s hard to be objective about this. The audience themselves seemed to thoroughly enjoy Fleet but they were all mainly my parents’ age.

It would be unfair of me to say that this was a bad show. It was a good show that I just didn’t appreciate. Kind of like how I can’t really get into Scrubs, I don’t really think Fleet’s style of humour is for me. Having said that, I reckon my parents would bloody love it, so maybe take your folks for an early birthday present.

Words by Tom Haskell

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