Film Review: King of Thieves (2018)

Review by Phoebe Christofi

King of Thieves (Working Title Films)

Dir. James Marsh

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Michael Caine stars in ‘King of Thieves’ (Working Title, 2018). Image via. Entertainment Focus

Based on a true story, King of Thieves modernises the tale of one of the most impressive and largest jewellery heists in British history.

The theft at Hatton Garden’s safety deposit box vault, put all other robberies to shame. Enter Brian (Michael Caine), Terry (Jim Broadbent), Danny (Ray Winstone), Kenny (Tom Courtenay), and Basil (Charlie Cox) — the masterminds behind the burglary. With both the cooperation and abandonment of members from their crew, they endeavour to steal as much as possible, in an extremely comical way. Not a robbery for amateurs, this one was meticulously planned, and it was extraordinary to see the lengths they went to — especially when conducted by some grumpy old men. Sugar daddy anyone?

If there’s one thing this film wasn’t short of, it was the witty one liners of the male leads. Torn between having constant banter and the greed of wanting to keep everything for themselves, the actor’s rapport onscreen was unmissable. Michael Caine brought class — as he always does — and, it was hilarious to see the other actors try to impersonate him on screen. Despite this being the age of female empowerment, you could definitely appreciate the work of these silver foxes (grandpas…?).

This film is a testimony to their long careers. Having said that, who said old dogs can’t learn some new tricks?

King of Thieves is currently playing at all major cinemas across Adelaide.

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