Examination time tables are here

Where did all that time go?

You probably stumbled upon this article because you have nothing better to do. Maybe you’ve been searching the midyear sales for the perfect FSHN BNKR / TaroCash outfit to wear to ‘Law Vegas’ Law Ball. Or, you’ve been binge watching 30 second TASTY video recipes to inspire your supper. Whatever it is you’ve been doing, it is clear that, right now, you are avoiding your pile of homework, lecture recordings, readings from the past 9 weeks.

I can’t believe it’s week 9 of uni already and I am drowning in a sea of assignments… crikey!

We’re about to hit you with another tidal wave as examination timetables have just released. Search your Access Adelaide profile for your personalised times or check here.

Spare a moment for those with timetable clashes. If you need to request replacements, do so by clicking here.

In the meanwhile, here are some memes to consolidate you.

Hahah thanks Declan James.
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source: Melbourne Uni Memes
Maybe you want to cook Swedish meat balls for Eurovision?

Or perhaps you‘re just itching to do this buzzfeed quiz.

Study hardly, party harder?

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