Elle Dit: State of the Union

This is my first State of the Union as the chair of Clubs Committee! A big thank you to those who supported me along the way.


Welcome to 2020 — a year full of uncertainty. I am not in Australia as I’m writing this, just like many other international students. Due to the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the Australian government is denying entry to people coming from, or transiting through China, and now Iran and South Korea as well.

欢迎来到2020 — — 充满不确定性的一年。写这篇致辞时,我像许多国际学生一样,不在澳洲境内。因为SARS-CoV-2(新冠病毒)肆虐,澳大利亚政府决定禁止从中国、伊朗和南韩出发或转机的旅客入境,

I have been in close contact with the UoA Chinese Student Association and the university, thanks to whom Mandarin help services and care packages are now available. We are now discussing issues like accommodating for language courses and trimesters. Through conversations, we hope to minimise the disruption for all students.


While the ban is protecting Australians from the virus, you might also need to protect yourself against discrimination. Local culture believes only sick people wear face masks, but many students might choose to wear one to protect themselves. I would like to ask you to respect their decision.


University Security is always supporting you (their number is on the back of your ID card!). SA Police could be of assistance if you find yourself in a hostile situation. They will help regardless of whether you are an international or a domestic student.

University Security number: 831 35444

Police assistance: 131 444


校园保安联系电话:831 35444

南澳警察联系电话:131 444

Now, more about Elle Dit! I would like to talk about the definition of the terms feminism and “women traitor”.

现在,来说说Elle Dit吧!在这里,我想要讨论一下“女权”和“女性叛徒”的定义。

People have different definitions of feminism. I believe feminism is about equity (fair treatment), not quite about equality (same treatment), and definitely not about “women being better”. It calls for a fair go for all genders on the spectrum. We need adequate representation and a holistic approach to achieve this.


The notion of a “Women traitor” is not helping the goal above. Who are the “traitors” betraying if there isn’t a set standard for feminism? It’s a phrase that turns people against each other. Isn’t the word “women” a bit discriminative as well? Instead of calling each other names, we should stand together and face the greater challenge — achieving equity.

但是,“女性叛徒”对如上的目标并不会有帮助。这些“叛徒”们在背叛谁呢?女权又没有一套固定的规矩。这是一个让人们互相反目的词。而且,其中的“女人”不也带有歧视的色彩吗?比起互相贬低,我们更应该站在一起,面对更大的挑战 — — 实现前文说的公正公平。

Finally, Happy International Women’s Day! In this Mad March, stay safe and healthy. Hopefully I will be able to see you in person soon.


Go Wuhan, Go China! 武汉加油,中国加油!

Angela Qin

AUU Clubs Committee Chair

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Adelaide University student magazine since 1932. Edited by Nicholas Birchall, Felix Eldridge, Taylor Fernandez and Larisa Forgac. Email us at onditmag@gmail.com

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