Election Editorial // Who’s who in the student elections

Editorial: Stand for something or fall for anything

The factions




  • Increased safety of students in public transport;
  • Roll-out of the National Student Safety Survey Campaign & the Consent Matters course;
  • Improvement of security signage and more panic buttons;
  • Made first responder/responding to disclosures compulsory for all student leaders;
  • Large courses will be better supported (more teaching resources);
  • Exam grade curving;
  • Fixing myuni issues;
  • Stopping ProctorU for 2020 Semester 2;
  • Fixing MechEng Dynamics;
  • Transparency for Semester 2 exams;
  • Assessment extension or replacement for students affected by COVID-19;
  • Abolishing the hurdle component of OSCE, Comp Sci exams;
  • Relocating security next to Hub Central;
  • Face-to-face teaching returning;
  • Operational Hub Lockers;
  • Repaired facilities in the prayer room and extended space for Jummah prayers,;
  • More writing centre support;
  • Free student flu vaccinations;
  • PNG (previously NGP) & WNF for 2020;
  • Student Support Packages;
  • 60 days HDR scholarship extensions;
  • Free international students visa extensions;
  • Internships for engineering students;
  • Increased Indigenous HDR scholarships;
  • Refund of accommodation fees for students that went home;
  • Keeping the Roseworthy Union shop open, with increased bus time and lecture room upgrades;
  • Student engagement through Q&As;
  • Better anti-sexual harassment efforts from the University






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