‘Democracy Doesn’t Work’ works pretty well for Pat McCaffrie

On Dit went to see an Adelaide Alumni at the Fringe and we bloody loved it

📍: Producers Bar on Grenfell.
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It seems like these days that everyone has a take on political issues. You, your neighbour, and even your local student magazine like to rag on endlessly as to why Trump is dangerous, why One Nation is dangerous, and why QandA is just the fucking worst. With this mind, the idea of listening to a comedian bang on about these issues for an hour might seem a little tedious. However, this is the fantastic thing about Patrick McCaffrie; he is able to take these political satire cliches and make them completely his own.

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‘Democracy Doesn’t Work’ is the latest show from Adelaide comedian (and ex Hilarian editor) Pat McCaffrie. As you can probably guess from the title, Pat is a little cynical towards our political systems and just needs a platform to vent his frustrations. Luckily for us, his venting is witty, quick, and sometimes just a bit too real. In his show, Pat takes on everything from Cory Bernardi’s rampant homophobia, One Nation’s aspirational working class voters, and even why Perth is literally the worst city in Australia.

If this seems a little too leftie for your liking, don’t worry; Pat goes in hard on QandA, Waleed Aly, and Radiohead-listening hipsters. So don’t be afraid to bring your racist uncle with you to the show.

So don’t be afraid to bring your racist uncle with you to the show.

If you’re not interested in politics, don’t see this show. But if you generally despise all politicians equally, then you will absolutely love it. ‘Democracy Doesn’t Work’ absolutely works.

Tix available: http://bit.ly/2lznivs

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