Congratulations to Jennifer Li who takes the throne to become AUU President

words by Jenny Nguyen

Jennifer Li is the third Progress member to be elected to the helm of the Adelaide University Union. She is the first female from this faction to do so.

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In a series of slightly heated but mostly civil set of events, these are the moments that transpired.

Jennifer Li was crowned AUU President and incumbent President, Brodie Scott, will take on the role as Vice President.

Chair of the Clubs is Oscar Ong and Olivia Savvas is Chair of Student Media.

Most of these positions were won 6–4 votes. But for Chair of Student Media, where Brodie Scott used his immediate past president’s vote to break.

It appears that King Pins Savvas and Sutton, chose to side with the Progress bloc in this election.

However, thanks to the ‘blue pens only’, it is impossible to tell who from the this coalition bucked the trend when voting for Student Media Chair. A free vote is truly afforded to all in AUU elections.

The Executive will comprise of Olivia Savvas, Oscar Ong and Tamsin Anspach.

On Dit ran an informal poll online to ask its audience who they thought would get up tonight.

Alas, Hugh “Dark Horse” Sutton was unable to win anything tonight, not even this poll :’(

Everyone’s favourite Returning Officer, Andrew Klima made a grand return for the election to make sure all rules were upheld. This included keeping the scrutineers in line, making sure ballots were casted and keeping spectators quiet. He took the latter very, very seriously.

Congratulations to all who won positions and that’s a wrap for Stupol this year. :’(

Summary of nominations and winners (in bold)

AUU President:
Jennifer Li (Progress)
Iacovos Digenis

AUU Vice-President:
Brodie Scott (Progress)
Tamsin Anspach (Activate/National Labor Students)

Chair of Clubs:
Jack Crawford (Left Action/Socialist Alternative)
Oscar Ong (Progress)

Chair Student Media:
Patrick Stewart (Activate/National Labor Students)
Olivia Savvas (Unite/Student Unity)

Members of the Executive:
Olivia Savvas (Unite/Student Unity)
Oscar Ong (Progress)
Tamsin Anspach (Activate/National Labor Students)

Patrick Stewart (Activate/National Labor Students)

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