Concert Review: Adele

Hello from the other side.

Who: Adele World Tour, Adelaide
When: 13 March
Where: River Torrens
Cost: $0

Rating: 👑👑👑/5 slay queens

The big shiny lights of the world-class Adelaide Oval played host to Grammy winner and UK vocal powerhouse, Adele.

While there was a record turn out of 70,000, those of us who had not secured tickets and didn’t want to miss out either, resorted to other means to catch Adele’s debut performance in Australia. I was one of the latter and I was hell keen to go because I know the lyrics to the songs and my friends were talking her up all bloody week. So in a last minute scramble, I found some tickets via Gumtree.

Image for post
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$650 how bout dah
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exquisite seats for Adele. Haha
Tom Koutsantonis on the eve of the State Government’s announcement for SA’s new energy plans.

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