Clubs Committee Minutes — Rejection of the Women’s Collective Application 2019 — UPDATED

Words by Nicholas Birchall

Update: On Dit would like to note that Stella Woo, who sat on the Clubs Committee in 2019 and was present at the meeting on September 19th, is currently Adelaide University Union President, and by virtue of her position, still sits on the Clubs Committee in 2020.

Original Story Below

On Dit is able to verify that contained below are the ex-camera minutes of the two separate Clubs Committee meetings from 2019. The role of the Clubs Committee is to consider proposals by students for the formation of new clubs. It is comprised of four (4) members: AUU President, Committee Chair, and two representatives, elected by preferential vote from club presidents. In 2019, these roles were filled by, in the same order as above, Oscar Ong, Stella Woo, Ramses Saaid, and Mary Kelly.

On the 19th of September, a meeting occurred. Members present at the meeting included: Mr Ong, Ms Woo and Mr Saaid. Ms Kelly was unable to attend this meeting. This is because the date and time of the meeting was rescheduled by Mr Ong to the 19th, providing less than 24 hours notice to the Committee. This was the only date that Ms Kelly had previously informed the committee she could not attend.

During this meeting, the Women’s Collective’s application was denied by the committee. The following is a photo of the minutes, containing the reason for the denial of the application. It is not known which of the three present at the meeting provided the below reasons, or if it was a joint decision. It is important to note however, that Mr Saaid was not enrolled in the University during Semester 2, 2019, at the time of this meeting. This constitutes a breach of the constitutional requirement for being a member of the committee.

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Taken from the Ex-Camera minutes of Clubs Committee meeting 19/9/19

The next Clubs Committee meeting that took place was on the 25th of October. This meeting had all four members present.

After the Women’s Collective was not approved at Clubs Committee, it was referred to the AUU board for a final decision. There is no publicly available record of what was decided by the AUU board, as the decision was made in-camera, but On Dit can confirm that the Women’s Collective is not currently an affiliated club.

The below photos contain Ms Kelly’s response to the events of the meeting of September 19.

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Taken from the Ex-Camera minutes of Clubs Committee meeting 25/10/19

More to come.

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