Charge v Appeal (2017)

Law School elections are coming!

Words by Jenny Nguyen

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The only event on the Adelaide University Law Students Society (AULSS) calendar that doesn’t require queueing on iwannaticket dot com, is the election for the 2018 committee. There are two key tickets battling it out for positions on the AULSS and a career update on LinkedIn.

The year, Arvin Nitchingham and Alison Jones (Activities Director, 2017) are running for AULSS President. Both secured their positions via the same ticket Testify that went on to win gruelling election against Change (ticket led by Salisbury Councillor, Beau Brug). Nitchingham is the current Adminstrative Vice-President while Jones is serving as the Activities Director.

the perfect squad doesn’t exi… rip :’(

It appears that members of the Testify ticket have now split after their successful campaign. Nitchingham will head up Charge (which sounds similar to Change) and Jones leads her Appeal team.

Charge and Appeal have released their How-To-Vote cards and policies online. Charge are going for maximum millennial appeal, theming their campaign around Drake’s Hotline Bling baby pink branding and emulating a ‘Falls Festival’ event flyer for their HTV. Appeal have opted for the surf-life saving colours on their HTV and DIY videos on their campaign trail.

Appeal have signalled intent to host a cheaper law ball in addition to inclusive, non-alcoholic events.

Charge have promised their events will be “better than Matty J does dates”

Safe to say the only thing On Dit has an interest in is the election of The Hilarian editors as they will be our competitors in the printed entertainment monopoly at this university (haha just kidding!)

AULSS elections are happening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Ligertwood 12pm — 2pm.

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