Campus News: Students Unable to Collect RCC Membership Cards

Words by Nicholas Birchall

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RCC Info Kiosk

Students have been disappointed today by the news that they will be unable to collect their Royal Croquet Club membership cards. For reasons yet to be determined, the RCC Info Kiosk has today turned away students looking to collect their memberships, frustrating many. This runs contrary to information initially provided to students by the RCC in a previous email, stating that the Kiosk would be open all days other than Monday for membership collection.

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A previous email sent by the RCC

Inquiries have been made by SRC President Henry Armfield, in an attempt to resolve this issue promptly, but so far have gone unanswered.

Students have expressed discontent at how they will likely have to pay full price to see headline act Northeast Party House, playing tonight (22/02) as a result.

Alternatives were previously proposed by Mr Armfield, such as discounted entry upon presentation of valid student identification, but were rejected by the RCC.

More to come.

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