Burger Theory re-imagines beef stew for June’s Burger of the Month

The latest addition to the Burger Theory menu is the Beef Bourguignon burger.

Glistening brioche buns encapsulating beef stew, patty and ‘tater’ tots

Originating from Bordeaux, Boeuf Bourguignon typically involves beef, potatoes and onions (and a decent bottle of red, of course) and is eaten with baguette. Burger Theory have turned the core ingredients from classic French stew into a new burger that will join its menu for the month of June.

With winter slowly easing in, the beef bourguignon burger is like a big warm beefy hug; the perfect winter warmer.

On Dit visited the BT kitchen to taste test the Burger of the Month.

The burger starts off with pickled onions (and you can see the cheeky little ‘tater tots’ resting in the top left)
The brioche bun is layered with a beef patty, melted cheese, tots and house made boeuf bourguignon stew
Look at that crispy bit of potato
C’est voilà, the Burger of the Month for cold, wintery June.

🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔🍷🍞 🍔

Burger Theory’s Burger of the Month is available at the Hub Central store for the duration of June. Also serving up at Union St, if you’re on that side of town.



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