BREAKING: University announces financial support packages for students in need

Words by Nicholas Birchall

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The University of Adelaide, in conjunction with the AUU and SRC has today announced what they are describing as “Student Support Packages”.

Focused on academics, wellbeing, and emergency financial support, this three-pronged approach is aimed at vulnerable students directly affected by COVID-19. These services were designed in conjunction with student representatives from the AUU and SRC, in an attempt to “Meet [UofA] students’ needs”.

This support package includes previously announced changes to course grading, including the option for a “Non-graded Pass”, and unrestricted “Withdraw No Fails”. Also included are an array of “Wellbeing Plans” that are aimed at students to help cope with enforced self-isolation measures.

It has also been noted that students may apply for a “Student Hardship Grant” should they meet the necessary criteria. These grants are aimed at all students, international and domestic and have been described by the University as a safety net for our students who are living in Australia and in need, including students who are not eligible for government assistance.”

Information concerning eligibility criteria and how to apply for support will be made available by the university on the Tuesday, 14th of April.

For a full list of what to expect as part of these packages, please see the University’s official page here.

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