AUU Board withholds outcome of vote to affiliate Pro-Choice Club

Words by Nicholas Birchall

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Despite taking place on Monday evening, no official word has been given by the AUU regarding the outcome of the vote to affiliate the Adelaide University Pro-Choice Club to the AUU.

Going against standard practice, AUU President Stella Woo is yet to make available the outcome of this vote to the Clubs Committee Admin. Ms Woo receives approximately $31,000 for undertaking her duties as president.

Historically, if a decision was made in camera regarding a club application, this would be made available as soon as possible to the Clubs Committee Admin. The Clubs Committee Admin would in turn immediately relay this information to the relevant applicant, whereupon it would cease to be confidential.

As of the time of publication, On Dit can confirm that applicant is yet to receive official communication from the AUU.

Speaking with members of AUU staff, this move is “unprecedented for a president”, and that there “should be no reason for nearly a 72-hour delay in making this information available”.

On Dit contacted both Ms Woo and Angela Qin, Clubs Committee Chair for comment regarding the delay. Both were unavailable.

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