Afghanistan: Cycle of Violence Comes Full Circle

Image sourced from Naya Daur Media: Afghan women celebrating establishment of a communist government in the year before the Soviet Invasion. Say what you will about the Soviet Union, Afghanistan under communism and similar regimes comparisons between them and their philosophy to groups like the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the like is foolish and grossly wrong. Remember this next time someone talks about the fall of Kabul like it is morally equivalent to the fall of Saigon.
Image sourced from the Business Insider: pictured above is Osama Bin Laden, infamous leader of Al Qaeda, being given a glowing puff piece by a run of the mill British establishment newspaper for his help in the eternal struggle against communism in Afghanistan and infrastructure projects in Sudan.
Once again known war crime apologist; instigator of the Iraq War; Trump and Bush cabinet member and later ‘brave’ Trump critic, John Bolton speaks on behalf of sociopaths, freaks and chauvinists everywhere by stressing the importance of how the fall of Kabul to the Taliban led to America’s embarrassment and an opportunity for its rivals as if that is what is most important here. Perhaps instead of vetting refugees and asylum seekers more thoroughly a better solution to stopping terrorism would be to vet the kind of people that are allowed to study and involve themselves with politics and international relations.
Image Source: quotefancy. A cute inspirational quote from the late Zbigniew Brezinski, Polish-American National Security Advisor to America’s President Jimmy Carter, trying to justify America’s support for the Mujahideen and by default, the Taliban and how this fits with America’s ‘moral’ foreign policy vision, from a 1998 interview with French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. Of course this looks quite ridiculous now given the fall of the twin towers and the recent rise of petty dictatorships and dysfunctional states throughout Eastern Europe.
Images Sourced from the Times of India and British Broadcasting Corporation: Political/military control of Afghanistan before the invasion of 2001 compared to 2017 the year President Trump dropped the ‘Mother of all Bombs’ on the country and after the withdrawal of 2021 mapped.
Image sourced from the Conversation: Afghan militia and warlords have filled in the gaps left behind by a weak central government, especially since the Soviet invasion.
Image Sourced from the Business Insider: Since the American-led invasion Afghanistan has become the largest heroin producing nation in the world, accounting for 90% of it today.
Image sourced from The New Republic: Many of the same political masterminds, mainly from the Republican Party though now prominent in both, behind the invasion of Iraq, are also now condemning Biden’s withdrawal. Neoconservatives are what these people are usually called, their ideological obsession with using American military power to violently intervene in other countries is increasingly discredited and reviled yet they can still be found giving unwanted foreign policy advice today.
Talking points like those above are just one part of how the government and mass media manufacture consent for war and imperialism no matter the facts on the ground and in plain sight.
Dwight Eisenhower, the last Republican president of the USA one should be able to recall without instantly feeling the need to gag, warned the world of the dangers of the military industrial complex which his own policies helped fuel. President Eisenhower in fact personally coined the term to refer to the perverse profit and power relationships between government, the defence industry and warfare.
Just like Biden, Trump copped some flack for negotiating with the Taliban on American soil as if he was breaking some sort of long held tradition set by President George W Bush of not ‘negotiating with terrorists’ but in fact this was not at all the case. As for President Bush, perhaps his stance here is sincere, this may have led him to be unable to adequately discuss and plan out his foreign policy mission with both his administration and himself internally.




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Adelaide University student magazine since 1932. Edited by Grace Atta, Habibah Jaghoori, Jenny Jung & Chanel Trezise. Get in touch:

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