Adelaide’s music scene is diverse, noisy, quirky and well, some of it is really bloody good: On Dit’s local song recommendations!

by Chanel Trezise

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I’ve made it one of my aims this year to go to more local gigs and listen to more local music. So I thought, heck, why not do some song reviews and recommendations to plug a few brilliant local bands.

Here are a few songs (and bands) I’d really recommend you listen to:

Assholes by Witch Spit

Witch Spit is the resurgent Riot Grrrl, garage-rock, feminist-punk band of my dreams. The song Assholes ties together piercing riffs, loud, frantic drumming and angry vocals into the perfect commentary on misogynistic men. I really loved this song and Witch Spit’s music as a whole. Assholes details the prevalent shitty, disgusting behaviour of men in local, punk music scenes with the perfect amount of badass punk, guitar and bitey melodies to really say ‘fuck-you’ to misogynistic, well, Assholes.

Instagram: @ witch_spit_

Facebook: Witch Spit

Listen to Assholes here:

DIVE by Molly Rocket

Molly Rocket orchestrates a beautiful melody of chaotic 90s noise and indie rock. Songs like DIVE are fast-paced, upbeat, catchy and so incredibly fun. I can picture myself dancing along to this song at a gig, or grooving along to it home alone with my headphones in. I love the way the drums and bass coordinate and compliment the lead singer’s beautiful, soft voice. This song, and Molly Rocket’s music as a whole really had a way of wrapping around me and making me smile.

Instagram: @ mollyrocket_adl

Facebook: Molly Rocket

Listen to DIVE here:

Real Life by City Feet

Goodness, I loved this song City Feet! It gave me the best, coming-of-age, indie Australian-rock vibes. When I heard this song I felt like I was frantically riding a bike home from school, confused but excited as I realised the world isn’t the place I thought it was. I loved the noise of the guitars and drums, the soft and breathy vocals, and the exciting, reeling feeling leading up to and during the chorus. This song and City Feet’s sound are incredibly fun, it makes me feel as though the world isn’t as bad as it is.

Instagram: @cityfeetloveau

Facebook: City Feet

Listen to Real Life here:

Eating Me Alive by Larsen

Larsen is the perfectly crafted combination of noisy grunge-punk rock and alt-goodness. I am in awe of Eating Me Alive’s hard, echoey riffs, rhythmic drums and intoxicating vocals which express such heartfelt lyrics. The guitars play front and centre and add such a powerful element to the chorus! Larsen have really outdone themselves with the production quality on this track.

Instagram: @

Facebook: Larsen

Listen to Eating me alive here:

An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and An Insatiable Taste for Poison by Wolf & Chain

Wolf & Chain’s theatrical, horror-themed punk rock and lyrics are incredible. An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers is no exception to this; the song excitingly guides the listener through its intoxicating bass, awesome drums and striking vocals to tell the tale alluded to in the title. Similarto many Wolf & Chain songs, An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers crafts a magical story through likewise magical music.

Instagram: @ wolfandchainband

Facebook: Wolf & Chain

Listen to An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and An Insatiable Taste for Poison here:

Release by SYCAMORE

SYCAMORE soothing, rhythmic melodies and soft vocals dance with you in their song Release. I love SYCAMORE’s sound, they remind me of a softer, sweeter and less surfer rock-esque Ocean Alley. Release is a calming yet emotional journey, filled with the ups and downs of smooth guitar riffs, echoing vocals and fantastically warm drumming. SYCAMORE’s sound is so incredibly peaceful, however deeply complex and emotional, what a fantastic band!

Instagram: @ thebandsycamore

Facebook: SYCAMORE

Listen to Release here:

PLUS, here are some upcoming local gigs! (let us know if you’d like On Dit to review any or add to this list!)



Hepé Mateh w/ Melton Peach & My Chérie @ The Crown and Anchor



MUD // Grace Mensforth (and friends Kyrie Anderson, Django Rowe, Derek Pascoe, Beth Mooney) @ Ancient World

6 pm


Friday Live Music @ The Stag

12 pm

NAIDOC Week Music in the Community @ Minor Works Building

12:30 pm

Basty Band, Sweet Blues, Haystacks Calhoon + more @ Ancient World

7 pm

Ryan Martin John // Orelia // LIVE @ The West Thebby Social Club

8 pm

Ella & Sienna + Band | SINGLE LAUNCH | @ The Jade

8 pm

Alright Psycho & Danger Dolphins @ LOWLIFE BAR

8 pm

UMBRELLA FESTIVAL OPENING PARTY — The Dunes | HoneyBeam | Street Legal @ Crown and Anchor

8 pm

Friday Night Lights: Badland Caravan, Dainty Morsels, and Stellar @ Enigma Bar

8:30 pm

House in the Tall Grass — ‘Lanterns’ Single Launch @ Exeter

9 pm


SHRED IT! @ Daily Grind

2 pm

Eyes of Aster | Bird Detective | Anby Katz @ The Hotel Metro

3 pm

NEAT NITE: The Condos, Skid City (Naarm), The Neuros (Naarm), Hotchkiss @ The Hotel Metro

7 pm

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, The Buoys @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide, SA — Night Gnomes Album Tour

7 pm

We Move Like Giants ‘SAVE YOU KILL YOU’ Album Launch w/ Tim Smyth & Holy Trash and Sacredd @ Jive

7 pm


7:30 pm

AROHA (Aotearoa/Naarm) @ Ancient World

8 pm

Caitlin Drew // Arkaba Lounge Bar

8 pm

SEEDS OF ROMANCE @ The Grace Emily

8:30 pm

Pink Noise Generator//M J Turner//Biddy O’Loughlin @ The Exeter

8:30 pm



State Library w/ Home Court & Danger Dolphins @The Crown and Anchor

8 pm


Adelaide/Kaurna Land — Body Type — ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ @ The Lab

6 pm

SCALA Live @ the Wheaty // Katie Geszner, Lucas Day

7 pm


NAIDOC week — Music in the Community // Scott Rathman Jnr. @ North Adelaide Community Centre

1 pm

Billy Bob & Sweet Alice // Arkaba Lounge Bar

8 pm

CLAZ • ‘The Son Of Lilian’ Album Launch • Fat Controller

8 pm

Alexander Black // Cherie De Clerk // LIVE AND INTIMATE @ The West Thebby Social Club

8 pm

𝗦𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗡𝗚𝗘𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘 𝗔𝗧 𝗟𝗢𝗪 𝗟𝗜𝗙𝗘: Tunes for goons down in the basement @ Low Life Basement Bar

8 pm

We Interrupt this Broadcast (Izera, Alchemy Of Rhythm, Crimes Of Humanity)

8 pm

Bend + Big Sloe @ Jack & Jill’s Basement Bar

9 pm

Live From Adelaide’s Living Room with Attonbitus, Cliff Racer & Haystacks Calhoon @ Exeter Hotel

9 pm

Altars / Thrall / Golgothan Remains — Triple Album Launch Plus Endless Loss @ Enigma Bar

9 pm



8 pm


8 pm

LOLA, Lickity Split, Looch // Exeter Hotel

9 pm



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