“Ah f*ck, here we go again”, students let out collective groan as they realise it’s student election week

Words by Gage McGriffin

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In what has come as a painful shock to thousands of students waking up this morning, it is once again student election week.

Corflutes, how-to-vote cards, people you were in a group project with 2 years ago messaging you. This week has it all.

On Dit spoke with several concerned students, and silent majority members to get their take on this week’s events:

“Sorry I just want to get to my class.”

- May, 18, Law

“Honestly wasn’t prepared in the slightest. It’s like a war-zone down there, except they’re not perpetuating imperialism, they’re just stacking their CV’s.”

- Elenore, 21, History/Philosophy

“I couldn’t give a shit about real politics, let alone these virgins.”

- James, 25, Rugby Player

“Sorry, I go to Uni SA”

- Ammresh, 19, does not go to Uni SA

Needless to say, it is sure to be a hotly contested election. With neutered campaign rules, weak candidates, and thin-skinned man-children running factions, we are sure to see some drama.

More to come as this hot mess unfolds.

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