A brief retraction: WoCo NOT actually affiliated

Words by On Dit editors

Last Thursday, in trying to keep things light hearted, we dropped a satirical article stating that WoCo (Adelaide University Woman’s Collective) had finally been affiliated to the Adelaide University Union, which led to a Rick Roll. This attempt at dark humour, and a valiant effort to revive late 2000s Internet culture, was a mockery of the Union’s shameful actions in denying WoCo status as a club. However, it missed the mark a little. It failed to make clear that the information was false and thus misled some readers into thinking WoCo had finally been affiliated.

So, yeah. We just wanted to clear that up.

The real joke is that after two years of gaslighting, bureaucratic nonsense, and other assorted bullshit, female students are still being used as political chess pieces by the Progress and Liberal-dominated Union. Ha ha.

That a Women’s Collective has their funding signed off by rando stupol hacks and not, you know, members of their own club. Hilarious.

That they haven’t been given a dollar of that funding since the SRC threw them a bone, while not even letting them vote for their own President. Wheeze.

Affiliate the Original Women’s Collective now. Anything else is just — you guessed it — more bullshit.

Get up to date on the WoCo saga here.

— The Eds.



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