Words by Ivan Jankovic

According to Obradovic, ‘security were bewildered and said they would have to make a report because they were concerned by [Qin’s] behaviour.’

Wednesday night’s AUU Board meeting was mostly uneventful. As usual, the juicy stuff was pushed to an in-camera session, in which the public and media are not allowed. However, it’s not at every meeting that you see a physical altercation — on Wednesday night, just that happened.

Ana Obradovic (Left Action) was elected to the Board last year after a fiery election campaign which saw her temporarily barred from campaigning. Obradovic is a fierce critic of student representatives more concerned with ‘resumé-padding’ and petty bureaucracy than representing students as an activist body. …

Words by Ivan Jankovic & Grace Atta

ProctorU, merging with UniSA, and sexual misconduct on campus were all hot topics of conversation

Adelaide University Vice-Chancellor Peter Hoj said that while it is his view that a merger between UofA and UniSA is still ‘worth looking at’, staff and student morale needs to be raised first before the move is considered.

Professor Hoj spoke at length at Tuesday’s much-anticipated Student Forum about a range of topics including a merger, the Peter Rathjen misconduct scandal, and controversial anti-cheating software ProctorU.

Attending with Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Jennie Shaw, Hoj went on to state there have been no conversations on the subject between UofA and UniSA officials since he assumed the post of VC on February…

Words by Ngoc Lan Tran

Featured in The Move, a dance double bill presented by the Adelaide Festival Centre

Genre: Contemporary Dance

Created By: Gabrielle Nankivell in collaboration with Jo Stone

Dramaturgy: Katrina Lazarof

Venue: The Adelaide Festival Centre, Space Theatre

An unexpectedly thrilling narrative of competitive cycling, Gabrielle Nankivell and Jo Stone show us the might of their wonder and grit, using only the stylistic of contemporary dance, a stationary bicycle, three costume changes, a booming goddess-like voiceover, and the forever-iconic sound of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

Wonder Grit tells a larger-than-life story of not just the…


Earlier this year, the On Dit team interviewed student activist, controversial firebrand, and former University of Queensland Senator Drew Pavlou. In this section of the interview, Drew gives us his thoughts on our University’s Vice-Chancellor, Peter Hoj, the attempt to expel him from the University of Queensland, and the Chinese government’s actions towards the Uyghur people.

What brings you two thousand kilometres from Queensland to South Australia?

I travelled two thousand kilometres to protest against Peter Hoj and his new role as Vice-Chancellor at the University of Adelaide. Back when he was the Vice-Chancellor…

Words by Ivan Jankovic

Controversial online invigilation software, ProctorU, will be used in eighteen courses this semester, SRC President Oscar Ong confirmed at the student union Board meeting on Wednesday of last week.

ProctorU describes itself as an exam supervision software that blends ‘human supervision, including a live proctored launch, continuous monitoring, [and] active proctor intervention to stop suspicious behaviour.’

The software uses a webcam to track the behaviour of students, including actions such as ‘looking off screen, accessing unpermitted materials, speaking aloud, or allowing other people in the room.’ …

Words by Paul Sigar

If you have been following Overheard lately you would have heard about the FOI saga. Here I present a candid account of my side of the story.

Within 24 hours of the University announcing the appointment of Peter Hoj as the new Vice Chancellor students at the University quickly organised a protest. I have not heard of a single student that celebrated this appointment. In fact, in a rare show of unity, student groups across the political spectrum came together to voice their concern and disapproval of the appointment of Peter Hoj.

I am just an…

Words by Lia Devetzidis

“Don’t blame the mirror if it’s your mug that’s crooked”

April 15 -17, 7:30pm
Venue: Little Theatre, UofA North Terrace
Tickets here

After a year of closed doors, empty seats, and dark stages, the lights are finally coming up on the Adelaide University Theatre Guild, with a staged playreading of the classic Russian play The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol.

Under the direction of Alexander Kirk, and with a newly translated script by Kirk and Lilia Nadyrshine, the show promises to burst with vivid characters and biting satire.

Written in 1836 and largely regarded as the finest comedy in the Russian dramatic literary canon, The Government Inspector has endured the…

Words by Emelia Haskey

The emergence of the “softboi” in the year of our lord 2021 has given me pause to consider if, finally, my comorbid mental illnesses have finally become attractive to men.

As defined by The Guardian, a softboi is “anyone who has any unique or alternative interests that make them feel superior to other people”. My personal definition is anyone who plays guitar in a bad Doors cover band, listens to Radiohead, is unemployed, and enjoys a spot of gaslighting.

They seem to have a penchant for mentally ill women who they can prey on with their façade of gentleness and…

Words by On Dit editors

Regarding On Dit’s April Fool’s joke:

Last Thursday, in trying to keep things light hearted, we dropped a satirical article stating that WoCo (Adelaide University Woman’s Collective) had finally been affiliated to the Adelaide University Union, which led to a Rick Roll. This attempt at dark humour, and a valiant effort to revive late 2000s Internet culture, was a mockery of the Union’s shameful actions in denying WoCo status as a club. However, it missed the mark a little. It failed to make clear that the information was false and thus misled some readers into thinking WoCo had finally been affiliated.

So, yeah. We just wanted…

Words by Tom Wood

The government’s approach to JobSeeker demonstrates nothing less than a contempt of the poor, writes Tom Wood

On Friday March 19, on the steps of Parliament House, a broad alliance of the unemployed, students, unionists, migrants, and low-income workers rallied together to say no to the federal government’s latest round of welfare cuts.

The Morrison government has made a big deal with what it describes as a permanent raise to JobSeeker. Welfare recipients on JobSeeker will receive an extra $25 per week from April.

However, they will receive less money overall due to the end of the coronavirus supplement, a top-up payment for more than a million welfare recipients. This decreased from $125 per week to $75…

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