Interview by Ivan Jankovic

With tickets to their Magical Dead Cat Tour now on sale, On Dit sat down with Aunty Donna’s Mark Bonnano to talk about the important things in life (but mainly comedy)

L-R: Zach Ruane, Broden Kelly, and Mark Bonnano.

For Melbourne-based comedy trio Aunty Donna, a good rule of thumb is to always expect the unexpected. There are no depths to which they have not sunk, no heights to which they have not soared, no frontiers they have not braved in the name of a genuinely gut-busting laugh.

Though quickly becoming Australia’s premiere comedy export, Zachary Ruane, Broden Kelly, and Mark Bonnano have not forgotten what endeared them to millions of rabid fans when they began filming YouTube sketches in 2012: the impression that fewer fucks have ever been given by candidates for funniest blokes on the planet. …

Words by Leila Clendon

As higher education feels the aftershock of COVID-19, staff shouldn’t be made to bare the brunt of it

The University of Adelaide’s plan to fire up to 130 staff and merge the five faculties into three is nothing new. These exact mergers have been threatened before, and students and staff organised a campaign that stopped them. We can do that again.

For those of us who’ve been on campus for a little too long, the recent announcement was strikingly familiar. In fact, my first education campaign, as a bright-eyed first year back in 2016, was against these attacks.

Just like current Vice-Chancellor Peter Høj, ex-VC Warren Bebbington planned to merge ECMS with Sciences and Arts with Professions, and…

Words by Beck Rowse

Dušan Marek, born Bítouchov, Czechoslovakia 1926, died Adelaide 1993, Rabaul revisited, 1992, Eden Hills, South Australia, oil, synthetic polymer paint on canvas on board, 50.7 x 61.0 x 4.4 cm; Private collection

“There is no finish to the end

A beginning follows the end.”

When you leave the exhibition you come back to the same painting: Equator. You are on the boat again. You can feel the ocean floor unsteady sift through the wood plank. Looking down at your feet you now notice the phrase BREAK THE MIRROR TO SEE WHO I AM under your shoe. You detach the plank from the deck and reveal the inner workings of the boat. They are as much human as they are mechanical. A woman with a cog in her womb pushes you across the…

Reporting by Grace Atta and Ivan Jankovic

130 jobs are at risk under a tranche of cost-saving measures announced yesterday

Student intake for the Bachelor of Software Engineering has been suspended as of Semester 2 2021, following two of the three key academic staff in the school leaving.

The Software Engineering Club announced last week that further student intake had been suspended, with no new staff hired to fill the vacant positions.

Ian Reid, Head of the School of Computer Science, said that the ‘recruitment and retention of staff in particular fields is proving more challenging during the pandemic.’ The ECMS Faculty is considering ‘strategic decisions’ around how to best serve future students in the field.

This news was shortly…

Words by Stasi Kapetanos, Tom Wood and Habibah Jaghoori respectively. Illustration by Dean Plesa.

Editor’s Note: Displacement of intergenerational Palestinian farmers was one of the first flashpoints between the local inhabitants of Palestine and the Zionist project to establish a Jewish state in the region, it remains a central part of Israel‘s ethnic cleansing campaign and Palestinian socio-economic life.

Issue 4 Editorial Extract

As you may have noticed, we make sure to start every edition of On Dit this year with an acknowledgement of country to the Kaurna people, just like student magazines across the country do for their respective Indigenous peoples. Australia’s native population have subject to brutal violence, racial discrimination, genocide and ethnic cleansing that continues to threaten not only their way of life but also their very existence. …

Words by a concerned student

‘Sadly enough, despite or possibly because of the trust placed in him by our university, this man’s bad behaviour is alleged to be ongoing.’

How do you know if this sick big brother is watching you?

Multiple anonymous sources have told On Dit that a staff member has been spying on students, contractors and other staff members via CCTV. The perpetrator is also alleged to have such low regard for getting caught that he openly bragged about his behaviour in disgusting detail. The worst offences alleged against the individual include details about how he pleasures himself over what students get up to, who went to the toilet…

Words by Jialun Qi

Nobody asked for Barnaby Joyce to become Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister — or did they?

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce. Credit: 9News.

Faced with the umpteenth preventable outbreak of COVID from breaches in hotel quarantine, the Coalition government is quick to react with its tried and tested management strategy: the emergency cabinet reshuffle.

And away we go! Another spin on the carousel of old white dudes, deciding amongst themselves who gets to ride next on the unicorn sled, and — oh look, it’s Barnacles Joyce, back from the dead like an extra in the Zack Snyder cut of a Zack Snyder movie. Barnacles gets another shot to flaunt his flaccidity and his entrenched corporate interests — good for him!

With the federal…

Reporting by Ngoc Lan Tran

Parafield Airport. Source.

South Australia has followed NSW in approving the return of international students in mass numbers.

UofA Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Jaqueline Lo announced the approval of the International Student Arrival Plan (ISAP) last Friday, 18 June. Details around student eligibility, quarantine requirements, and costs have not yet been finalised. Upon return, students are required to complete a two-week quarantine at a proposed Parafield Airport hub.

Professor Lo’s full statement is available here.

Previous attempts to greenlight the program were deferred in November 2020 and February 2021 as new cases emerged in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

According to an October…

Words and illustration by Chanel Trezise

Content warning: misogyny, domestic violence, suicide

“…we refer to this as the red pill; when you suddenly realise that society doesn’t work the way you thought it worked.”

Over the phone, Robert Brockway, the president of the Men’s Rights Association Inc and a researcher at A Voice for Men, described to me in detail the way Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) believe gynocentric biases systematically oppress men.

The Men’s Right’s Movement is proudly Anti-Feminist through its belief that modern feminism has viciously corrupted society; it is because of this opinion that MRAs are often labelled misogynistic. …

Words by ‘Emily Davidson’

‘All I can think about is the things we should have done’

Credit: Al-Jazeera.

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual assault, femicide

It’s been almost over a month since the March for Justice, an event that Abbey Kendall, director of the Working Women’s Centre described as a ‘reckoning’. But I have to ask: What changes have been made since the march? And I have to answer — nothing.

Since February, story after story has come out. Brittany, Kate, and all these names that I’ll have to carry with me for the rest of my days. But as story after story comes out, I have to admit to myself that I am so sick of stories. …

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