Words by Nicholas Birchall — Photo by Lucy O’Connell-Doherty

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On Dit Issue 88.10’s front cover, featuring Catherine Branson and Peter Rathjen meeting at 11:50am on the 12th of March 2020.

All quotes are taken from the ICAC statement on the investigation into “Misconduct by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide”.

“On 12 and 30 March 2020 the Deputy Chancellor met with the Vice-Chancellor. On the first occasion they had lunch at her instigation. On the second occasion they met at her beach house, at the instigation of the Vice-Chancellor, who in that regard was prompted to do so by the Chancellor. On the first occasion the Deputy Chancellor told the Vice-Chancellor she was interested in becoming Chancellor and wanted to know if he felt he could work with her. …

Words by Nicholas Birchall

Progress Presidential Candidate Oscar Zi Shao Ong has been banned from campaigning in the Annual Student Elections until Wednesday, over defamatory remarks he made about another student in his SRC presidential report to the AUU.

His report alleged negligence on the part of the other student, and has since been proven demonstrably false.

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Pictured: Email from the Returning Officer to complainant

The Returning Officer investigated a complaint against Mr Ong over these remarks, finding that he had breached rules relating to conduct of campaigners and electoral candidates.

Mr Ong’s political party Progress were subsequently issued with a whole-ticket warning.

Despite his ban, Mr Ong has found innovative ways to continue campaigning. …

Words by Nicholas Birchall

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Artist interpretation of Ong’s behaviour this year. — “You are not just a clown, you are the whole circus”.

Monday this week (12/10), the AUU Board voted to remove directors Arabella Wauchope (Unite), Ella Shaw (Unite), and Ashely Jayasuriya (Activate).

To be removed as a board director, one must be voted out by a three-quarters absolute majority of sitting members at two separate meetings. Monday’s meeting marked the first time for both Shaw and Jayasuriya, and the second time for Wauchope, who was subsequently removed from her position, less than 50 days before the end of her two-year term.

These decisions occurred in-camera, meaning that any discourse surrounding them will not appear on any publicly available record, effectively shrouding the Board’s reasoning. …

Words by Ivan Bucalo Jankovic

In early December last year, we reported on a student-led petition that had been delivered to the desk of the Adelaide University Union’s Executive Officer, Gary Sutherland. It called for a student-wide vote to dismiss the sitting AUU Board and re-elect all Directors.

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Image source: The Conversation

The petition eventually fell through due to it containing some unclear wording and because a few students had signed it more than once.

Before you could say go, the Board acted swiftly in response to this threat. Schedule 3 of the AUU Constitution was passed quietly only days later, with little fanfare. Schedules need to pass two consecutive meetings to be enacted, leaving time for discussion, debate, and amendments. The second meeting was called on the same night, virtually minutes after the first. All the deliberations occurred in-camera at the President’s discretion (the in-camera power allows part or whole of the meeting to be totally confidential from the public, which includes ordinary students). …

Words by Q-anon

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Image source: Hartford Courant

Social media users “Skinhead 4 Trump 1488” and “Joey Free-Speach” have both come out of their parents’ basements to criticise On Dit for violating their first amendment rights and crushing their God-given freedom of expression. Both users have been blocked from interacting with On Dit on social media platforms for expressing their political views. Due to their horrible mistreatment at the hands of the student publication, the duo plan to peacefully protest the magazine by violently storming into the On Dit Office.

“Skinhead 4 Trump 1488” in particular has cited that blocking him was evidence of the magazine’s failure to live up to the classical liberal virtues espoused by Voltaire and John Stuart Mill, namely the quote stating, “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The user’s hard right policy position which drew this censorship was his tweet “K*LL *LL W*M*N”. He stated that his reason for posting this was due to his political commitment in the preservation of the white race, which he argues is the strongest form of humanity possible; and whose propagation and continued existence into the future is, in his eyes, threatened unless all race traitors (especially women) are purged. …

Words by Stasi Kapetanos

In a bold but environmentally responsible decision going into 2021, our University administration, with the full support of the Adelaide University Union, plans to tear down the university merchandise store. This will be done to make way for the new Barr Smith South Indoor Lawns, right in the middle of Hub Central!

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Speaking to On Dit, officials stated that, “The decision comes in light of a unanimous desire for the university to move away from being a corporatized profit driven institution towards being a place of openness to news ideas, compassion towards others, conscientiousness in relation to the environment and caring about the futures of students.” …

Words by Stasi Kapetanos and photos by Ivan Bucalo Jankovic.

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Words by Michelle Roylance

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Credit: iStock. Pictured: The yellow ribbon for Endometriosis Awareness Month.

“Unfortunately, your expression of interest has been rejected.”

This was the message the prospective Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Society received yesterday morning from the AUU, to inform them that their application to be an AUU-affiliated club had not been approved.

Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus (hint: it’s not supposed to). PCOS arises when cysts grow on the ovaries, and it is not uncommon to be affected by both simultaneously. These conditions come with multiple symptoms that are disruptive, uncomfortable, and sometimes devastating. …

Words by Ivan Bucalo Jankovic.

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Credit: AUU website.

Last Friday, On Dit reported that an industrious group of students acquired the signatures needed to call a referendum on whether or not the AUU Board should be removed and re-elected. Campaigners referred to a culture that “needlessly keeps secrets” from students, and a failure to affiliate the Women’s Collective and Pro-Choice Club, as their underlying motive to pursue a referendum.

It is now understood that the petition has been dismissed by the AUU’s Executive Officer and General Manager, Gary Sutherland.

In an email to On Dit, Sutherland clarifies that the reasons for dismissing the petition were purely related to the manner in which it was carried out. Because of the ambiguous wording of the petition, and the fact that it was collected over two Board terms, it could not be fairly determined which Board students were actually pledging to recall. …

Words by Stasi Kapetanos and Ivan Bucalo Jankovic.

UPDATE: The AUU has since decided to dismiss the petition. Read why here.

A movement of University of Adelaide students have gained the number of signatures required to launch a vote of no-confidence against the entire Adelaide University Union Board.

The petition, having now passed through stage one of the process outlined in section 23.1 of the AUU’s Constitution, must be put to a student referendum:

On the receipt by the EO [Executive Officer] of a petition expressly declaring no confidence in the Board, signed by at least 1% of Students, the EO must hold a referendum on the question. …


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